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Venomancer, the Lesale Deathbringer Damage And Support Guide by ImbaCore

Sunday, October 5th, 2008
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IÅ“For those obsessed with death, poison is a necessary study. However, Lesale went a step too far. He experimented upon himself with various toxins and chemicals so that he could learn the secrets of death. These twisted his mind and mutated his body into a hideous creature which embodies an immense hatred for all things pure. He can strike an enemy with a concentrated shot of poison or even spread a toxic gas throughout an entire area, severely weakening beast and human alike.

|||| Contents
[1.0] Introduction
[2.0] Skill Analysis
[3.0] Item Build
[4.0] Walkthrough & Strategy

[1.0] – Introduction
Team Role: Damage Support

The guide gets revamped from its old stage to the current Venomancer being played today with a few modifications. Venomancer is a hunter. The guide is names Damage Support because all he needs to do is activate his ultimate and the team should do what they can from there.

I know what you might be thinking, a copy from PsychicDog and ChickenMctest just by looking at the item build? No, the strategy is different here. Although it is familiar, this strategy has existed since the 6.0x days but why post a similar guide now? I got tired of updating the same guide and I have failed to post any of my stock guides here so here I am with Venomancer.

[1.1] Hero Stats & Overview
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