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Tiny, the Stone Giant Guide by Rikimaru the Assassin

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Author of this guide is Rikimaru the Assassin, good job pal!

DotA Allstars Tiny The Stone Giant

By Rikimaru the Assassin


Tiny is made to gank and support. He can deal massive damage with his combo Avalanche + Toss alone. With a stun and a fun skill in which both keeps the enemy from escaping, Tiny is a great tool in battles and gangbangs.

Tiny is best played in a dual lane. Partnering with Lina or Leshrac is one of the deadliest dual lanes ever in the game. With Avalanche and chaining it with LSA/ Split Earth, the enemy will just stand still, while they would just notice their life crawling as fast as your internet. In a dual lane, there is no problem if you want to gank on another lane. Tiny is just a gank-star. You could gank from as early as levels 5+.

Later on he has an added role. A tank. Because of his high strength growth and how dangerous he is because of the massive damage he could do to a team, he would most likely be a main focus of the opposing team. With all the nuisance he could give to the enemies, he’s one of the best tanks there is.
Table of Contents

GS1. Skill Set
GS2. Skill Build
GS3. Item Build
GS4. Techniques
GS5. General Strategy
GS6. Best Allies
GS7. Worst Enemies
GS8. Replays
GS9. Conclusion and Final Statement


Skill Set
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