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SteelSeries creates gaming mouse for World of Warcraft

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

SteelSeries Gaming Mouse for World of Warcraft

Computer gaming peripherals maker SteelSeries has introduced two new World of Warcraft-edition products, the MMO Gaming Mouse and Zboard Limited Edition (Wrath of the Lich King, or WotLK) keyboard. The mouse can seemingly act as a keyboard replacement during gameplay, as it features 15 buttons that can be assigned to various shortcut operations in the game and reprogrammed again for everyday computing use. SteelSeries worked with World of Warcraft creators Blizzard Entertainment on both products, which are officially licensed. The mouse lights up in what SteelSeries claims is a choice of 16 million colors selectable by the user, and there are three intensity and pulsation level settings.

The mouse is able to macro up to 160 characters, and there are more than 130 predefined commands for drag-and-drop macro creation.

The SteelSeries Zboard Limited Edition (WotLK) keyboard includes a removable keyset, in this case specially designed for WoW, with graphics to match in addition to a standard keypad. The keyboard allows for seven simultaneous keystrokes for anti-ghosting, and has one-touch macros for raiding and PvP gameplay. The keyboard connects to computers and acts as a USB extender via an internal hub with two USB ports. Via the SteelSeries Z Engine software, users can program each key as they see fit.

Both products are available to pre-order from Steel Series webstore now, with shipping dates set for November 13. The mouse is priced at nearly $90, while the keyboard is priced at about $65.

[via electronista]

CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XI Desktop Launched

Monday, October 6th, 2008

CyberPower have released their latest high-performance desktop gaming PC, the CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XI, which brings a host of customisable options to the table including a choice of either Core 2 Due and Core 2 Extreme Quad Core CPUs (up to the QX9770 Core 2 Extreme overclocked to 4.0GHz) and a seriously broad choice of graphics cards, maxing out at dual PCIe 16x 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX280 cards in SLI configuration – though 3-way SLI is a further option for those that opt for Nvidia nForce 680i, 780i, or 790i Chipset Motherboards.

Apart from offering 4GB of Corsair DDR3 PC 1333 dual channel memory as standard, other notable options include up to three HDDs with 2TB (2×1TB SATA-II) on offer per mount or, if you prefer, a 32GB SSD, Blueray writer, and a Creative Labs X-FI XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro 24-BIT PCI Sound Card paired up with a Razer Mako THX Advanced Desktop Audio 2.1 Satellite Speaker System.

Utilising a NZXT Khaos full size tower case with no less than two 1000W PSUs – though, of course, an upgrade is possible here too – the CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XI starts and around $4940 and, should you wish to max out this beast of a machine with all the possible bells and whistles on offer, you’re looking at more like a decidedly cool $10,000.


GX705 – Hardcore Gaming Notebook Launched by MSI

Monday, September 29th, 2008

To keep the edge in the fast paced world of intense gaming competition, MSI GX705 provides with the enormous 17-inch LCD monitor with powerful Geforce 8600M GS 3D GraphicCard with DDR2 512MB VRAM, GX705 can achieves the ultimate realism experience whether you are playing games or watching a DVD and create the most astonishingly realistic audio and visual effects. Moreover, keeping the gamers’ playing habits in mind, GX705 especially added the colorful W, A, S, D buttons on the keyboard, so the player can find the direction controls in record time. To deliver real-life listening enjoyment, GX705 is recognized and approved by the highest standards of Dolby® , theater-class 4 high quality speakers and built-in subwoofer.

Furthermore, GX705 features the Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology, which uses Intel® Core™2 Duo processor and Intel® PM965 Express Chipset, to deliver truly outstanding dual-core performance computing power, great battery life, and expanded wireless connectivity. So, GX705 can provide the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the game on the go.

The nVIDIA Geforce 8600M GS 3D GraphicCard (Build-in 512 MB VRAM)
The nVIDIA Geforce 8600M GS 3D graphic card (Build-in 512 MB VRAM) delivers remarkable performance and an unsurpassed feature set for accelerating spectacular gaming. For a more fluid, more detailed, more realistic 3D high-definition while playing the game or watching movie. Never a moment of delay to occur, feel the excitement!

Big Vision Means Big Enjoyment
17″ LCD display provides a grand viewing experience for the ultimate viewing pleasure. With the high resolution and the perfect length and width ration for the screen, in addition also being capable of displaying DVD caliber images for your viewing pleasures.
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The Amazing Spire SilverShield Gamer Case

Monday, September 29th, 2008

After the amazing success of the Draconian, our first ever PC Gamer case we are more than a little excited about the arrival of the Draconian’s big brother, the SilverShield!

The SilverShield is pure gaming through and through from it’s cool blue LED’s to its clear fan-attached side panel to its sexy graphics.

However it’s cool looks are hiding a seriously competent case, one that’s brimming with technology and innovation. As you could imagine system setup is easy and fast and installing your drives, card-reader and other devices is simple and fast helped by the tool-less racks.

There are cooling fans everywhere to keep your components cool. A 120mm fan is mounted on the back panel for main ventilation. The side panel has an 80mm fan plus adjustable duct to boost CPU cooling and another 120mm fan in the front for cool air in-take. Let the gaming begin with this great pc case from Spire, Powered by Innovation!

SP6001S – SilverShield
Middle tower Gaming pc case

Main Features:
* Exclusive & Cool design.
* Durable 0.7mm SECC Steel.
* Front-Top USB & SOUND connections.
Tool-free installation, thumb-screw side panels.
* 120mm rear and front cooling fans pre-installed.
* Transparent side-panel with 80mm fan
Optimized internal space, Highly efficient Air In-take & Exhaust.

Product Includes:
*Owner Manual *Clips *Screws *Mainboard stand-off

About Spire:
Spire, global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies and PC cases for the personal and networked computer,with its manufacturing facilities in Shen Zhen, China and branch offices in USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan and Brazil, offers a wide range of thermal products and accessories for the computer industry.


Gaming Mouse

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Logitech MX518 Gaming MouseWhatever sport or hobby you’re doing you will always find people who blame the tools they are using instead of themselves. This is the same while Gaming, they will always blame the equipment they are using when they keep losing. It could be that they have spyware on their computer or that they need a new graphics card, but what is often overlooked by gamers is the peripherals they are using.

The manufactures of these products are becoming ever more wise to this gap in the market and are plugging it with gaming mice and keyboards which can help improve the playing style of the gamer improving their score.

Some people who have never used a gaming mouse look at the price tag that is often attached to these mice and think, “what’s the point?” But as any series gamer knows the mouse is the most important piece of hardware in your arsenal, especially when playing First Person Shooters.

When you compare the specification of a standard Microsoft mouse and a Gaming mouse such as the Logitech G5 you see a vast difference in quality and usability that makes these mice suitable for gaming. Sensitivity is one thing to look at when buying a mouse when gaming. If you’ve ever been in one of them close quarter gun fights in Counter Strike where the enemy moves their gun so fast that you don’t stand a chance, they will be using a mouse with a high sensitivity so that smaller movements with the mouse translate to bigger movements on the screen.

The resolution is the main factor in what increases this sensitivity within the mouse, referred to as DPI (Dots Per Inch) in the industry. Click to continue »