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Improving at DotA Guide by m1LkmaN

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Thanks for that guide goes to m1LkmaN. Good job pal!

Topics of Discussion: Attitude, Teamwork, Skills, Practice, Conclusion

1. Introduction
This guide is written to help anyone who wants to get into competitive DotA or move towards the mid-upper tiers of players. As the leader of BVD for over a year now, I have seen my team move from losing to pub teams to one of the best in Australia and New Zealand. Many people ask to join my clan, some of which I accept and some of which I reject because of a number of reasons. This guide is aimed at those people looking to join or improve a team, especially their role in the team. I will go through a number of methods in which players can improve, not specific techniques as they have been discussed ad nauseam (I will link to some of the most important and helpful guides).

2. Attitude

I know it has been said before, but success is not easy. You will not improve as much as others if you do not put effort in. This does not mean that DotA becomes a job, it simply means that when you play, you aim to have fun by playing your best and ultimately winning. Improvement does not come quickly nor easily, so it is vital that you remain patient and are happy with slow, steady improvement. As long as you can keep that in mind, you will become a good player in time. One thing to always remember is that you are not the best, and there is always room for improvement, no matter how good you think you are. You should listen to other players and take their opinions and advice into account, especially those better than you, but should always think and make decisions for yourself instead of mindlessly copying those better than you. Some ways to play better and win more games are explained in the next three chapters, but before we get into those, you must ensure that you and the people you play with want to improve. If they are not willing to put in the effort required, then you are better off staying a pub player or looking for a different team of players.

3. Teamwork

Joining a Team
To find or start a good team, you need to put yourself out there and play with a wide variety of people on different platforms, as well as searching forums as to find out which teams are recruiting. When joining a team, first and foremost you must like the people and enjoy playing with them, or else you will not fit in and play well. If you like the players, then ensure that their attitude is right and their skill level is somewhat close to yours. Most importantly, if you find a team that you enjoy playing with and share similar views with, commit to staying with them and do the most you can to improve as a team, and keep the team together.

Team play
Teamwork is most probably the hardest aspect in DotA to perfect. Not only do you have to start again every time you join a team, but need great communication and similar thought processes even when playing online. Ventrilo is an absolute must for every team, no matter the skill. You can improve teamwork by playing together, mainly in scrims (clan wars). By calling missing, communicating during ganks and teamfights, deciding early who is going for which item (eg who gets a diffusal against warlock), you can not only better your chances of winning that particular game, but improve long term teamwork. In the event that players do not have microphones, are capped etc and are unable to use Ventrilo, then you must call missing and for ganks, as well as communicating as to what you need to do to win while players are respawning or regenerating at base.

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From to DTS

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Roaming rumors about changes in top DotA teams and DTS has finally confirmed. Tree top players Dendi, GO[blin] and Axypa goes to team DTS.Chatrix after short period of being in So current line-up is:


Ukraine Artur `GO[blin]` Kostenko
Ukraine Bogdan `Axypa` Boychuk
Ukraine Alexei `Travka` Trofimenko
Ukraine Danil `Dendi` Ishutin
Russian Federation Ivan `Vigoss` Shinkarev
Russian Federation Andrew `Provein` Suchkov

Estonia Clement `Puppey` Ivanov
Russian Federation Vlasislav `Azen` Morozyuk
Russian Federation Pepelyaev `Jolie` Vasiliy

So DTS.Chatrix consist of very nice players and can perform in Competitive DotA very well, I think, and you?

Farm 4 Fame Final: MYM ownz mouz

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

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WC3 Version: 1.22
Map Version: v6.52e
Mode: -AP Draft
Format: Best of 3

Download Game 1 replay
Download Game 2 replay

Game 1:

MYM Mouz
Banned heroes: Visage
Dragon Knight
MYM Mouz
First pick: - Zeus
Puck / Spectre
- Warlock / Earthshaker
Luna / Akasha
- Nerub / Potm
Last pick: Pitlord

Game 2:

MYM Mouz
Banned heroes: Visage Chen
Dragon Knight Omniknight
Broodmother Pitlord
Terrorblade Spectre

MYM Mouz
First pick: Luna -
- Puck /Tidehunter
Warlock / Zeus -
- Beastmaster / Akasha
Shaker / Potm -
Last pick: - Shadow Fiend

My congratulations to MYM, nice done!

Article: Why DotA is Broken by Demos

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

I thought this would be something good to discuss, maybe a nice change from pages of borderline spam about replays.

Why DotA is Broken (and How to Fix It)

Dear Icefrog:

Welove and appreciate all you’ve done for DotA. But the truth is: DotA inits current state is terribly, terribly flawed as a competitivegame—especially from a spectator’s point of view. Put simply, DotA istoo often boring to watch, even for those who understand the game.Worse still, little has been done to address these problems over thecourse of the last few patches. 6.52 was great because it solved theissue of repetitive gameplay that plagued 6.48, but it ignored othermajor issues and made some even worse.

Without trying to soundlike Barack Obama, DotA needs a radical change, and it needs a radicalchange soon. Inclusion in ESWC was a huge step for DotA, but furthersteps are probably impossible without some major transformations. Thebiggest problems (and some possible solutions):

Problem #1: Action
Acommon complaint about DotA is that not enough action happens. Thelatest version, where strong lategame (DK, TB, SnY, BKB,etc.) and cheapmap vision encourage a warding/farming strategy, highlights thisproblem. Just watch the ESWC grand finals (Ks v Zenith) for a goodillustration. This problem, though, isn’t just 6.52: DotA in general ispretty lacking in action. Hero killing simply isn’t encouraged enough.Just think: in Counterstrike, at least five players die every twominutes. Early game (most heroes seem to gank only when they find asuitable rune) and midgame (most fights occur only when a tower isinvolved) are problem points.

Possible Solutions
Increase experience from hero kills.Most heroes don’t leave their lane without a rune partially because thelost experience often isn’t worth the possibility of a kill. Increasingexperience gain makes their effort worthwhile and encourages herokilling in general.
Change/buff runes. To further encourageganking action, another gank-oriented rune could be added, or runespawn could be changed to every 1:30 (coupled with a bottle nerf) forconsiderably more action.
Make Dagon cheaper. Dagon hasgone from a joke item to almost viable. A cheaper Dagon would go a longway to making teams more aggressive and midgame fights fun to watch.
Encourage hero killing.All of these changes really emphasize the same point: heroes shoulddie, and often. –ardm25lives is such a fun mode because hero killing isemphasized; why not translate that to normal games?

Problem #2: Length
Withthe advent of midgame push strategies featuring heroes like Visage andBroodmother, games have gotten shorter; but again, this flaw goesbeyond the current version. An average DotA game, at 60 minutes, is farlonger than the average game of any other e-sport. One of the biggestreasons why DotA games last so long is the difficulty of pushing intoan opponent’s base and delivering a damaging blow. 6.52 made this worsewith its emphasis on AoE: the ramp chokepoint gives a huge advantage tothe defending team in casting its AoE. Even teams with large advantagesin other aspects of the game have trouble sieging base (see ESWC Ks vMYM, at least before the player dropped).

Possible Solutions
Nerf map vision.Wards shouldn’t be cheap enough that one hero can buy them all.Beastmaster/Visage shouldn’t have maphack skills. Less map visionshould theoretically reduce the effectiveness of ward/farm strategies.
Make bases bigger. Early pushes fail because heroes revive and immediately rejoin the battle. Make it harder, and the buildings will fall faster.
Widen the ramps. Without such a huge advantage to the defending team, games should be shortened.
Nerf Black King Bar.Arguable, but really support heroes should be ganking, not farming foran overpowered item that makes all spell-based heroes on the mapuseless which causes prolonged games.

Problem #3: Complexity
DotAitself has a steep learning curve compared to other games. None of uspicked up DotA and were immediately amazing. Competitive DotA isimpossible for someone who’s never played before to understand andstill very difficult for the average DotA player to appreciate. Thecasual observer ignores DotA most often because he can’t understand it.Making the competitive scene more accessible would go a long way.

Possible Solutions
Make DotA easier to learn.Add a –tm (tutorial mode) or a –help xxx command to DotA to helpbeginners pick up the game faster. Add a –help xxx or a –info xxx forobservers to help out people watching a GGTV game for the first time.
Better coverage from news sites.Punctual, high quality, accurate coverage (sorely lacking at ESWC, whypay reporters to go to LANs if they don’t do anything there?) from MYM,fanat1c, SK-Gaming, etc. would help engage casual observers whileinterest is high.
Publicize. Get the word out about thecompetitive DotA scene on external sites. More youtube videos similarto PGS’s ( would be nice.

Problem #4: Structure
CompetitiveCounterstrike (and most other FPS) is clearly divided into rounds.Warcraft III has tiers. What does DotA have? Only a vaguely definedearly game, midgame, and late game. Introducing a more controlled gameflow has the potential to tackle all of the above problemssimultaneously. More defined “events” have the potential to providemore reliable action, shorten games, and be easily explainable toobservers.

Possible Solutions
Tweak Roshan.Encourage more fights at and for Roshan. One idea would be to change itso that Roshan will begin weak, then grow in strength (level up) and/orrespawn at every 10 minute mark, encouraging teams to go for a Roshankill at least once every ten minute period. A bonus for consecutiveRoshan kills would also be good.
Introduce “arena” events.Essentially the idea is to push all the heroes to engage in a fightsomewhere on the map. Something like a Roshan spawning in lane couldwork.

For the casual gamers looking for something entertainingto watch, for the DotA veterans looking for something deep andengaging, for anyone who’s ever sat through a ricefarm fest replay,DotA is broken. Please, please take a moment to consider how we can fixit.

Your friend Demosthenes

PS. These “possible solutions” do not include the obvious balance tweaks that need to be made (Broodmother perhaps?).

PPS.Thank you all very much for reading. Keep in mind that I’m not tryingto offer a plan of how to fix DotA, but just to begin discussion aboutwhat overarching problems exist in the DotA map and how to fix them.Many of my ideas are derived from reading others’ posts. I compiledthem mixed with my own thoughts to start discussion.