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New DotA Item: Phase Boots

Written by admin on October 12th, 2008

The addition of the phase boots have made treads and bots obsolete.

Phase boots are universally good for every single hero

- It has a super cheap total cost of 1610 (240 less than treads and 1090 less than bots)
- gives +7 armor which is great for tower diving
- 80 max move speed after activated for 5 secs and only has a 10 sec cool down (the previous bots had a ms of 85, the 5 ms difference is negligible)
- gives +16 attack damage
- gives no collision (allows hero to move through units)

Now with all these perks there is no reason not to get them for every hero.

I acknowledge that for treads, the increased attack speed of 30% does help dps heroes, you can also argue the fact that increased move speed and chasing ability also allows dps heroes to attack more and get into range faster. The addition of the phase ability allows chasing much easier than treads and since it moves faster it can get the heroes that are getting away with a sliver of health. You might argue…Treads gives added stat bonuses. Well with the extra 240 you save, you can buy branches to add to your stats early game, which is when the stat bonuses are most effective. Also many times the stat bonus is used for extra str, but the addition of +7 armor will increase your survivability as well.
These boots are too good and must be nerfed. Eventually everyone will get it for every hero because it only makes sense.

Think about it, every hero type can make use of it.
- intelligence: escaping with faster move speed, chase for stun, chase for nuke. ex: lina, lion, lich, lesh
- strength: faster move speed always great and helps position themselves for stomp, ult, etc. ex: tide, centaur, tree, axe
- agility: more armor for fragile bodies, more attack damage, faster chasing ability, helps escape. ex: viper, drow, jugg, sniper


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  1. Oct
    Player 13

    Interesting post. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate in this phaseboots gg pwns all post.

    I’d say that phaseboots are more of an escape item than a chaser item, considering the phasing buff is cancelled upon casting a spell.
    The main heroes that chase without casting spells are dps heroes.

    The low c/d could push this argument both ways, since you could recast phase fairly quickly, or do your casting after phasing runs out, but in game scenarios are nary that perfect.

    Then there’s the survivability argument between treads and phaseboots. The benefit of treads for survivability is a sustained hp increase throughout the midgame of 190hp. But it also benefits the strength hero as well, in that it can start off as a intell increase for the added mana before a juke. 120 mana goes a long way for getting off that last spell, moreso than for extra attacks when dps is low.

    Armor is indeed a plus, but for low hp heroes, phys dmg reduction is pointless if the hero’s hp is not high enough to begin with. The formula should always be increase hp, then armor.

    And buying 5 branches just isn’t likely when ror’s and other items are needed and gold is scarce early game.

    All in all, each boot has it’s own usage and it all depends on scenario.

    Treads are good early-mid game, and late game for int heroes who don’t have much hp. IAS is a general benefit and stat switching is an oft ignored ability when bought for agi/str heroes.

    Phase boots are good for heroes that need to chase without much spellcasting, and have naturally high attack speed. Troll comes to mind. Bloodseeker could use this too. And of course, these are good as an escape ability for int heroes, especially pushers like chen, enigma or undying, that are often surrounded by their own creeps (although circumstantially treads may often be better- depends on the player’s ability to micro lol).

    The new BoTs are great late game when treads have used up their purpose and attackspeed is high enough. TPing is a much needed ability when playing long games requiring pushing and defense on the fly, and the new ability to TP while running makes it an A plus escape ability.

  2. Oct

    imo the 30%ias and 190hp isnt easly replaced by a negligible atack bonus and +7amor. the phase ability wont save u from slows; it looks more effective in lane, but u dont have money to buy it early.
    Early game the most dangerous are spells, armor is useless.
    this boots should be reworked.
    a cheap item that u activate and u have kinda 75% evasion, magic immunity and +50 movespeed over 3 or 4 seconds with like 4 charges should be great for escapin ganks.
    dps need the ias from treads.
    casters will have more benefits from BoT.
    sry for bad english

  3. Nov
  4. Nov
  5. Dec

    this games is very interesting i want

  6. Dec
    This is nothing

    This is s2pid

  7. Dec

    phase boots is more of a novelty item than anything else. the damage bonus is not high, armor bonus can be considered valuable but there is a reason it is so cheap, because it is not as useful in stat output as treads or utility as BoT.

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