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Raijin Thunderkeg, the Storm Spirint Guide by Quixilver

Written by admin on September 29th, 2008

This guide was created by Quixilver, thanks!

Writer’s Foreword

Greetings! This will be my first guide, and I chose to write one about Raijin. This will be a “Quixilver’s Quick Guide” so don’t expect too many screenshots and stuff.

Hero Stat and Overview

Raijin Thunderkeg – The Storm Spirit
Range: 600 | | Move Speed: 310 | Primary: INT
Str: 22 + 2.5 | Agi: 17 + 1.5 | Int: 23 + 2.6
Damage: 45 – 55 | HP: 568 | Mana: 299
HP Regen: 0.91 | Mana Regen: 0.93
Attack Speed: 1.2 (+ 17% IAS) | Armor: 4.4


Skills Description

Electric Rave (E)
Transfers mana into pure electric current at a rapid rate, increasing the Storm Spirit’s attack speed by a large amount as long as there is magic to drain. Can be turned on/off at any time.
Level 1 – 20% Attack Speed
Level 2 – 40% Attack Speed
Level 3 – 60% Attack Speed
Level 4 – 80% Attack Speed
Mana Cost: 6/9/12/15
Author’s Notes: A skill that increases attack speed without any side effects and you get to decide when to turn it on and off.

Barrier ®
Shields a target with Raijin’s discharged mana, resisting spell damage while under the effect. Lasts 20 seconds.
Level 1 – Prevents 150 magical damage
Level 2 – Prevents 300 magical damage
Level 3 – Prevents 450 magical damage
Level 4 – Prevents 600 magical damage
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 15
Author’s notes: A skill that can save you and your allies from spell kills (example is Zeus’ Thundergod Wrath). It can also help you early game if you’re against heavy nukers (example is Tinker).

Overload (V)
Each successful attack builds up a static charge, eventually releasing in the form of an electrical burst. The burst deals damage and does a minor slow-like effect to the attacked foe and nearby area.
Level 1 – 8 Attacks. 30 Damage
Level 2 – 7 Attacks. 45 Damage
Level 3 – 6 Attacks. 60 Damage
Level 4 – 5 Attacks. 75 Damage
Mana Cost:
Author’s note: A skill that can help Storm Spirit farm creeps and kill heroes.

Lightning Grapple (G)
Creates an electrical attraction between the Storm Spirit and a target area, pulling him and all nearby units to that point.
Level 1 – 700 Cast Range
Level 2 – 1050 Cast Range
Level 3 – 1400 Cast Range
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 35
Author’s note: A skill that can help you and your allies escape or get a better position in hero clashes.


Skill build and reason

Build no.1

Level 1 – Overload
Level 2 – Electric Rave
Level 3 – Electric Rave
Level 4 – Overload
Level 5 – Electric Rave
Level 6 – Lightning Grapple
Level 7 – Electric Rave
Level 8 – Overload
Level 9 – Overload
Level 10 – Barrier
Level 11- Lightning Grapple
Level 12 – Barrier
Level 13 – Barrier
Level 14 – Barrier
Level 15 – Attribute Bonus
Level 16 – Lightning Grapple
Level 17-25 – Attribute Bonus

This first build focuses on harassing enemy hero/es in your lane (considering that the enemy hero/es is not a heavy nuker like Rylai and Lich). I chose to max out Electric Rave first because it will increase the number of hits Raijin can make in a specific amount of time. Getting Lightning Grapple early is for escaping purposes (considering that the hero chasing you is not melee). You can also try to grapple enemy heroes to your Tower. Barrier is learned late because the heavy nuking of enemy nukers happen on level 10-16 clashes.

Build no. 2

Level 1 – Barrier
Level 2 – Overload
Level 3 – Barrier
Level 4 – Overload
Level 5 – Barrier
Level 6 – Lightning Grapple
Level 7 – Barrier
Level 8 – Overload
Level 9 – Overload
Level 10 – Electric Rave
Level 11- Lightning Grapple
Level 12 – Electric Rave
Level 13 – Electric Rave
Level 14 – Electric Rave
Level 15 – Attribute Bonus
Level 16 – Lightning Grapple
Level 17-25 – Attribute Bonus

This alternate skill build is for surviving early game harassment. Do this build if you are against 1 or 2 heavy nukers on your lane. Max barrier as soon as possible to survive the devastation of enemy spells. Overload is for last hitting creeps because I assume that if you are against nukers, then they won’t give you time to last hit unless you have Barrier.

Item build and description

I strongly suggest to get the items in order…

Early Game Items (5v5 Game)

5 Ironwood Branches + Tangos (spend every last drop of gold)

The Ironwoods will give you a decent +5 to all stats, which will give you good HP/MP and aspd. Tangos of course, to restore HP. I do not recommend flask because Raijin does not have that much HP.

If you can’t farm well, then get nulls to help you in last hitting (Raijin is INT TYPE!).

Core Items

Powertreads INT

The almighty powertreads will boost your movespeed and give you +10 attribute of your choice. I personally would go for INT, more INT = more Electric Rave. Go for strength for survivability and AGI for more attackspeed.

Powertreads = Boots + Gloves of Haste + Robe of the Magi + Powertreads Recipe

Orchid Malevolence

I believe this item was created for battle int types. Get it after powertreads, the mana regen will be enough for spamming Electric Rave and Barrier, the bonus Int and damage will greatly boost Raijin’s Damage, the attack speed bonus will get you more overloads plus the silence spell will help you get hero kills (especially against int type nukers).

Oblivion Staff = Quarterstaff, Robe of the Magi, Sobi Mask
Orchid Malevolence = Oblivion staff x 3

Eye of Skadi

By the time you get to build your skadi, the game would be close to ending. Get this for overall bonuses (STR,AGI,INT,HP and MP) plus the slow will ensure that no one escapes Raijin.

Eyes of Skadi = Ultimate Orb x2 + point booster + Eye of Skadi Recipe


Get this to prevent heroes from escaping. The bonus mana regen will ensure infinite Electric Rave, the bonus int will certainly increase damage, and the str and agi bonuses is well appreciated by Raijin as well. This item will also help you escape heroes like Troll Warlord (considering he has no BKB). Just Hex him and fly away with grapple.

Guinsoo = Mystic Staff + Ultimate Orb + Void Stone

Helm of Dominator / Satanic

If the game does not end, then go for Satanic, the lifesteal will help in restoring hitpoints if you dont want to return to your fountain yet. Just turn on Electric Rave and hit some neuts and before you know it, you life is full again.

Helm of Dominator = Helm of Iron Will + Mask of Death
Satanic = Helm of Dominator + Messerschmidts(correct me of I’m wrong) Reaver + Satanic Recipe

Scroll of TP / Boots of travel

I personally hate selling my powertreads in order to replace it with Boots of travel. Because I believe that Raijin will loose alot when he discards his powertreads. Get Boots of Trave if you are rich and can fill up the sixth slot.

Boots of Travel = Boots of speed + Boots of travel Recipe

Buriza-do Kyanon

Wow, it is certainly a very long game if it reaches up to this point. Getting buriza will transform raijin to a lifestealing killing machine. The criticals will certainly fly considering you have Electric Rave on.

Crystalis = Broadsword + claws of attack + Crystalis Recipe
Buriza = Crystalis + Demon Edge + Buriza Scroll

Final Items:

(assuming the game ends with you getting skadi)

Orchid Malevolence
Eye of Skadi
Scroll of Teleportation
Null Talisman x2

(assuming the game is very long)

Boots of Travel
Orchid Malevolence
Eye of Skadi


Early Game: (first 20 minutes of the game)

Get build one if you are certain that the hero your facing has no damaging spells and can be harassed without you getting harassed in the process. Get build no.2 if you are against heavy nukers. As much as possible do not move around waiting for a last hit, you need to charge your Overload. Use overload to harass enemy heroes or if you are not farming well, use it to last hit creeps. Lightning grapple enemy heroes to your tower if possible, but prioritize in using it as an escape mechanism. By the time you return (because you ran out of tangos) to base, you should have enough Gold to buy a TP scroll, a courier, boots, and 2 nulls. If clashes happen early on, avoid acting like rambo by grappling to the enemies, as much as possible, use grapple to help allies, do not let your greed for gold/hero kill take over you. “Helping allies is prioritized over killing enemy heroes”.

Mid Game: (second 20 minutes of the game)

By this time you should have at least Powertreads, 2 Nulls, A flying courier and a Scroll of TP. Get TP constantly of course, dont go to battle without it. You should be farming your way to Orchid Malevolence. By the time you get Orchid, try telling your allies to destroy all the 6 towers (1st and second towers). Use lightning grapple offensively if and only if you and your allies have the upperhand. As much as possible, reserve the lightning grapple for escape purposes. After destroying all the 6 towers, play defensively. Do not force you and your allies to push for the 3rd level towers as it will certainly result to Raijin’s repetetive demise. Just defend your towers, farm some neuts, farm some enemy creeps if possible. Keep in mind that you are not Rambo yet with your items. Even if you manage to get “Ptreads,2 nulls,ORchid” early, do not act like Rambo and hunt for enemy heroes. You can get hero kills by joining clashes. By the time mid game ends, you should have “Powertreads, 2 Nulls, Orchid Malevolence, Flying Courier, and a Point Booster)

Late Game: (last 20 minutes of the game assuming the game ends in an hour)

By this time, you should be a Recipe away from your Eye of skadi. If you have farmed up to skadi, then invite your allies to push the middle lane. Now you can rambo your way to your opponents territory. If the enemies are sticking to their 3rd tower, do not hesitate to drag you and your allies to them. You should be able to crush them out of surprise attacks. Always aim for the enemy casters. Cast barrier to yourself, silence the caster, then start feeding him/her with bolts and bolts of lightning. At this point of the game, it would be normal for Raijin to die alot because he will be using Grapple offensively. Just make sure that Raijin takes an enemy hero down with him. The game should end with you having Eye of skadi, but if it still goes on, then go for Guinsoo, Satanic then Buriza.

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  1. Oct

    mid Game: (second 20 minutes of the game)

    By this time you should have at least Powertreads, 2 Nulls, A flying courier and a Scroll of TP. Get TP constantly of course, dont go to battle without it. You should be farming your way to Orchid Malevolence. By the time you get Orchid, try telling your allies to destroy all the 6 towers (1st and second towers).

    i totally disagree wit this..
    destroying towers = destroy farming for raijin
    i read from other guides saying that towers should not be destroyed during early/mid games

  2. Oct

    i dont agree too, i prefer to use this item on early mid:
    2bracer, boot speed, preserfereance, desolator
    then in late i use:
    linken improve your barrier

  3. Nov

    jus checking… will the passive skill the shock stack wif life steal n deso???

  4. Nov

    i prefer to have deso coz he have overload and grapple no need to have slow…

  5. Dec

    do you think Shiva’s guard is good for this creature ?

  6. Dec

    Yeah, i prefer Shiva’s too. Actually why don’t just wait until the tower health drop below 1/4, then start turning on Electric Rave? Before doing this just keep farming… Also way prefer HoT while you had the most annoying escape mechanism?

  7. Dec

    Err.. dude, Raijin is a critical Hero. One wrong skill you apply, you will see Razor can backdooring you more often.. AND he is also a fragile hero, Powertreads is right for early to get enough survivaliblity, Satanic will be needed when you discard Powertreads for BoT…

  8. Jan

    Getting Maelstrom , Skadi and Mjolnir is way better then life steal at
    mid game because the chain lightning is improved by rave . After all he is a battle type int anyway

  9. Jan

    ummm i dont agree with build its better to get in early buid bracers(2) boots and tp(constantly) then since maelstorm is easy to get get it then youll be ownong heroes then go for orchid for rave.
    late game:
    eye of skadi
    boots of travel

  10. Sep

    what is the combo for storm spirit???

  11. Oct
    Noob Kau

    mas maganda 2.


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    -NOTE:v0v0 ang naglalagay ng SANGE AND YASHA kay SVEN^^

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