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Written by admin on September 26th, 2008

Logitech MX518 Gaming MouseWhatever sport or hobby you’re doing you will always find people who blame the tools they are using instead of themselves. This is the same while Gaming, they will always blame the equipment they are using when they keep losing. It could be that they have spyware on their computer or that they need a new graphics card, but what is often overlooked by gamers is the peripherals they are using.

The manufactures of these products are becoming ever more wise to this gap in the market and are plugging it with gaming mice and keyboards which can help improve the playing style of the gamer improving their score.

Some people who have never used a gaming mouse look at the price tag that is often attached to these mice and think, “what’s the point?” But as any series gamer knows the mouse is the most important piece of hardware in your arsenal, especially when playing First Person Shooters.

When you compare the specification of a standard Microsoft mouse and a Gaming mouse such as the Logitech G5 you see a vast difference in quality and usability that makes these mice suitable for gaming. Sensitivity is one thing to look at when buying a mouse when gaming. If you’ve ever been in one of them close quarter gun fights in Counter Strike where the enemy moves their gun so fast that you don’t stand a chance, they will be using a mouse with a high sensitivity so that smaller movements with the mouse translate to bigger movements on the screen.

The resolution is the main factor in what increases this sensitivity within the mouse, referred to as DPI (Dots Per Inch) in the industry. DPI basically means the number of pixels the mouse moves on screen for every inch the mouse moves on the mouse mat. Although this isn’t exactly true, because software on your computer can alter the sensitivity of the mouse.

Hardware benefits aren’t the only difference in the gaming mouse though, there are also ergonomic benefits as well. If you look at the design of a gaming mouse you will see there are vast differences to a bog standard mouse. Gaming mice are designed to fit your hand comfortably and huge amounts of time and resources are put in to make gaming mice as comfortable to hold as possible. This is because if the mouse feels like an extension of your arm rather than an item you are holding your aiming will become more natural, and easier to do.

So in conclusion if enjoy gaming and want to improve your score, a gaming mouse is one of the most important upgrades you should buy. If you are still using a trackball mouse, you want a clip round the ear and directions to a computer store.


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