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DotA Allstars 6.55 Leaked Beta 20 Changelog and Download

Written by admin on September 23rd, 2008

Dota Allstars Loading Screen Next one beta version of DotA Allstars 6.55 came out. Beta 20 makes next map release much sooner.

Download DotA 6.55 Beta 20 Updated: Dota 6.55 Beta 30

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Beta 20 Changelogs:

Another New Hero!
Alleria the Windrunner
Click the link to see hero details and screenshots.

Layout Changes

  • Sent hero taverns now on bottom right
  • Fountain is farther away from tree
  • Waterfalls on left that you can walk into but has no effect
  • Scourge base not changed at all

Items Changes:

  • Crow doesn’t have mana upgrade=no more ward placing
  • The courier has the skill Drop items (drops all the items the courier is carrying)
  • Dagger is now not disabled by towers, neutral creeps, roshan, or his spells… looks like its only disabled if the source of the dmg is from an enemy hero.
  • Phase Boots – Boots of Speed + Chain mail + Blades of Attack (No recipe cost).
  • Before forming the item: +50 speed, +9 damage, +5 armor
  • After forming the item: +60 speed, +14 damage, +6 armor and the active ability Phase which gives a further 10% MS boost speed and the ability to move through other units (similar to Spectre’s phase dagger, i.e. 0 collision size) for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Mana cost: 0
  • So, on an average, you get +77 speed. More than Treads, less than Travels (but more than Travels when Phasing). The 0 collision size should be useful for chasers. Having to activate the ability every 10 seconds may get annoying. Also, Wind Walk-type spells removes the Phase buff. (You can still walk through units, as with any Wind Walk based ability, but you lose the 10% speed bonus from Phase.) Not sure if this is a bug or intended
  • Blades of Attack: 500 gold
  • Observer wards: Stock max=2 Replenish time: 6 minutes
  • Scroll of Town Portal has no cooldown when you buy it (you can buy as many as you like without having to wait to it to replenish in the stock)
  • When teleporting to a friendly tower (and only towers), it doesn’t get +99999 armor but it can attack AND you can choose where to teleport in a 300 range or so of the tower without having a unit/building as teleport target. (only scrolls work, not boots of travel):

Updates from previous Betas:

  • Poison Powder is no longer exist
  • Undying still tiny
  • Enigma’s ulti doesn’t have dark effect (as stated on earlier betas)
  • Ezalor’s recall: 40 seconds cooldown, and it stops when the target is damaged, if ezalor is attacked the recall is not interrupted
  • Coco’s Rum is now ulti, 60 cooldown, it gives 3/4/5 seconds of 100% 2x criticals and you don’t get any penalty (no more missed attacks) the next seconds.

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