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Guide To Proper Blinking By Renegade

Written by admin on June 7th, 2008

This guide provided by Renegade

Alright first off, blink is possibly the single best skill to have on a hero in dota allstars, and it makes me depressed when I see it used to badly so much of the time. This is why I decided to write this guide to blinking so people will acctually start using it the ways it was meant to be used.

First of all, I will discuss early-game blinking. Generaly since you will not have it maxed out, the cooldown is still pretty significant so you cannot yet use it to chase enemies forever. Generaly this is used early game just to make tower trips faster, to jump across the river to a shop, etc. The only heroes that I see using this offensively early game are Queen of Pain and Anti-Mage. For Queen of Pain you will want to run up to an enemy and be spamming your scream of pain, but after doing this a bit they will either make it difficult for you to get into range, or difficult for you to get out without taking heavy damage. This is where blink comes in. Remember that you DO NOT have to wait for a previous command to finish before using blink – for example if you are coming out from behind a line of trees to scream of pain an enemy and want to get out before you get hit by a stun hammer or something, tap the hotkey for scream of pain and then without waiting for it to go off, hit blink and your target. Unless you are under massive lag this will cause the scream of pain to come from where you disappear from right away, making it very difficult to catch you. If you are blinking into combat, give the command and tap the scream of pain hotkey and the scream will go out the instant you finish your blink. Using skills like this in quick succession with blink makes it a very effective skill.

Now once you do start using blink offensively, use it to harass just up until the point where you can get a sure hero kill. Try to deal just enough damage to give you the opportunity to get a kill, but not so much as to make them go home before you can do your kill combo. This can be done by purposely blinking into combat improperly, making it look like a crappy trap. remember that everyone will have a different threshhold where they will go back to heal, so test and find your opponent’s in every game you play a blinker in. When you are ready to finally take the kill, make sure that you blink behind them, and use shift click while the blink is in progress to start attacking, use a stunner, or whatever your killing plan is. Blinking to the side of someone WILL NOT WORK nearly as well as blinking directly behind them. This is because unless you leave an opening down the river they will try to turn straight around and go back towards their tower. This means that they do a half circle around you, allowing for more hits from both melee and ranged blinkers. If you are a ranged attacker do not blink to your full range behind them or they may be able to run in the direction you were before your blink because you are too far behind them. Force them to retreat to their closest tower and you will have the highest chance of success. If you have a stunner, do not use it directly after your blink unless your opponent is highly skilled and has no delay. You will catch them off guard can get in an easy hit before using stunner, adding just that one more bit of extra damage output.

When the game gets into being more heroes packed closer together, be careful about your blinking. Even though it has a short cooldown, it does have a cooldown and you have to be aware that it may not be ready when you need it to escape. It is generaly good practice to have allies engage a group of heroes first and then blink in behind your opponents and targetlow health casters or ranged agility heroes first while your opponent front line heroes are dealing with your allies. Most blinkers in the game are fairly low health so you have to be aware of what stunners can be cast on you – those are your bane.

When chasing an enemy hero with blink, be careful about going past a tower. A smart enemy will draw you on and as soon as one of your blinks takes you into tower range, you should expect to get hit by a stunner. This is something you want to avoid, so keep your blinks out of tower range unless they don’t have enough mana to use a stunner. Also a lot of the time you are blinking ahead of them, so try to know where their allies are because you are teleporting into the unknown, and for all you know to right beside a centaur thats ready to hoof stomp your ass into the ground.

In a lot of circumstances you will end up fighting one almost dead hero and one full health hero. Of course you will want to stay to finish the first kill, but you have to run some quick calculations with your damage and your own remaining health to see if it is possible. THE INSTANT you see your last attack LEAVE your hero, blink to safety. The attack will still hit even though you are gone, and escaping that split second earlier will throw off your opponents probable plans to kill you with a just-regenerated stunner or nuke. This is a very difficult thing to do, and the first couple times you get into this situation you will probably leave your enemy at something like 8 health, and be extremely pissed off at me telling you to blink before the attack finishes. Having a finishing nuke is also great to blink while casting because blink has basically no casting time you can have the nuke traveling to an opponent at the same time as you get the hell out of there.

If you are running from a high-speed chaser or another blinker, do not ever just blink down the lane in front of you! You are a blinker! Enemies will expect you to head the shortest way back towards your base, so suprise them. Blink once or twice down the lane, and then suddenly blink randomy into the trees beside the lane. This brings up something I forgot to say earlier – whenever you get the chance, explore behind trees to the side of your lanes to get a blink target, and also have all of the side paths explored or you might screw over a chase because you have nowhere to blink to except where your opponent is at that moment. If you try to blink there chances of you getting a hit are low because your opponent will of course be moving and will be gone from that spot.

The last section of this guide will show you a couple tricks that blink can help you accomplish, There is of course the commonly known blinking right as a shadow strike is heading towards you. It is great to avoid damage or the slow if you are afraid of death, but there are far better things you can use blink to do. Anti-Mage vs QoP. When the QoP uses scream of pain, the AM can acctually blink right beside the QoP, avoiding the damage from her scream if timed correctly and bringing him into attacking range. You can also blink over a venomancer’s poison nova very easily. Blinking behind a KoTL who is charging up is extremely effective, especially as anti-mage because for a second you will get free hits while the keeper decides how he wants to get out of the situation without wasting the blast hes charged up too much. There are a lot of other skills you can avoid damage by using blink for, but I will let you discover them for yourself. The last trick I absolutely love is running at someone like centaur or slardar, and at the last second blinking backwards from where you came from. They will stomp right as you are about to get into range and waste their mana and also get their skill into cooldown, which gives you a perfect attack opportunity as anti-mage because you can usually burn the remainder of their mana before the skill gets out of cooldown! Also if you see a stunner shooting at you try to blink to safety. Lots of times if you get the command off fast enough you may still get stunned, but at the end of your blink where you are safe from being attacked.

CLARIFICATION ABOUT SHIFT CLICKING: You can queue up commands by holding shift, just like when you use it to move around the map with waypoints. It works with most spell lineups, and is most effective with blinking and attacking the right target after the blink. Hold shift, target blink, and right click your victim. NOW release shift.

POSSIBILITY OF ERRORS: When I posted this for the (4th?) and last time, it was mostly just to get it up on the forums before I leave. Because of this I am giving a couple friends permission to edit this and change stuff like game logic changes, out of date references, etc. Anyways, I know there is probably a lot of stuff like that in here but the message remains whole.

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