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Info on Strength Heroes by Mochafire

Written by admin on May 19th, 2008

Provided by Mochafire

The attack is physical attacking on enemy with or without Enrage.

Enrage (Strength Hero only)-  Give bonus damage based on 8% to 15% max of hero’s health points.
Guardian Aura Channeling – each strength hero with mana channeling for guardian aura will contribute 5% per clan cycle, upon completion will give protection amount equals to clan honor to whole clan mate.

Armor for Strength heroes works in direct deduction.
-   Each Agility equals to 1 damage deduction

Spell resistance for Strength heroes is 0% reduction.

Stats info
-   Each Strength equals to 70 hp increase, 2 damage increase
-   Each Agility equals to 1 damage deduction.
-   Each Intelligent equals to 70 mana increase.

HP regeneration for Strength heroes is 10% per cycle.
Mana regeneration for Strength heroes is 10% per cycle.

For Strength Heroes, the maximum turns you can store is 100 and maximum turn gain per cycle is 4 except hero uniqueness.
Every 40 Agility points give Strength Heroes 1 turn regeneration per cycle.
Max agility should obtain is 120 agility with 4 turn per cycle.

Starting guide
Focus on Strength, higher strength gives higher HP and higher enrage damage. Used enrage to kill people. Limitation on turn means need to use turn wisely. May or may not ask help from Agility heroes to help in creeping (For better clan honor, please ask for help).Get Void Stone as soon as lvl 3 and 1 Heart of Tarrasque as soon as level 5, and HoT don’t stack.

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    what to buy to heros of intelligence? answer me please.

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