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Roshan Guide by UTDC.Justin

Written by admin on January 10th, 2009

Dota RIshan This guide was written by UTDC.Justin, thanks!

Roshan is a highly competitive and integral portion of DotA that should not be underestimated. Whether it’s to obtain an early extra survival item and team gold as someone like Lycan, Ursa or even someone like Undying, or a lategame buff to your carry/central hero, it’s important to incorporate several important factors:

1. Roshan/Rune Awareness: Having vision over this area is quite important, many players neglect this when there is an early Roshan, giving up both a free kill and 1000 gold or so. This is a must have in games with Lycan, Ursa. If the enemy Ursa has a Vlads or is reasonably levelled, (use -ma and hero clicking to check), begin scouting out the area on occasion. Making a few extra steps when you scout/go for the bottom rune won’t hurt if you decide against warding.

2. Knowing when to Fight Roshan: Many teams make the mistake of defending their base or something and then making the poor decision to Roshan. This is often a very bad blunder that can cost you time, gold and possibly the game. Always “gamble” on Roshan when you have an offensive, such as but not limited to the following examples:

-Lanes are pushed
-Teamfight with 1/2 heroes downed, rest in low health
-One side’s barracks down

3. Teamfights at Roshan: It’s no wonder that if both teams know the other is near Roshan, they will be rather defensive when going in. Luring your opponent with a low-health Rosh can sometimes be an awesome way to turn a Roshan into a victory for yourself as well. Teams are lured by the Aegis and gold, and may expend resources and hopefully heroes to earn the last hit. Use this opportunity to sacrifice this for something that will give them a disadvantage with a subsequent push from you. Let’s say you give them Roshan but as a result, Warlock and Earthshaker use their ultimates with Earthshaker falling in combat – this would pretty much sap their ability to defend against you if you push now, even if their carry carries Aegis.

Some of the most exciting plays in DotA happen in this little isolated area of land, it’s no question that you should have some strategy when dealing with a unit that can and has won games.

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