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DotA Allstars 6.58 Beta 38 Leaked out

Written by admin on January 10th, 2009

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Next DotA Allstars Beta of 6.58 came out – 38th version. IceFrog permanently changes DotA trying to improve its gaming characteristics.

Download DotA Allstars 6.58 Beta 38


DotA 6.58 Beta 33

Required Chainmail, Broadsword dan Robe the Magi
5 armor, 22 damage, 10 intelligent, Damage Return (active)

Cranium Basher: Required Javelin, Gauntlets of Stength dan Cranium Basher recipe
30 damage, 3 strength, Bash

Divine Rapier
+200 Damage
Required Sacred Relic dan Demon Edge
No longer need claymore to build
Still drops on death

Monkey King bar got +5 damage

Dirge the Undying remake
1st skill: Decay
Minus 4 str for 30 sec
Mana cost : 70
Damage 30/60/90/120 500 AoE
Cooldown : 11/9/7/5 sec

2nd skill: Parasite
hooklike skill, fires a bug towards point, infests first enemy it touches, does dmg over time, and when the unit with the parasite dies, it jumps to another unit in range.

3rd skill: Tombstone
summons a tombstone that spawns zombies, max of 6 at lvl 4, the zombies seem to just keep comming till the time is up or the tombstone dies, but max of 6.

Ultimate: Flesh Golem
turns Dirge into a Flesh Golem, with a passive AoE plague…. dont know if it has the same effect as before, but any unit that dies under the effect of plague heal dirge like his old zombies did

Storm Spirit remake
Electric Vortex
-looks like it drags the character it is cast on to the casting point, which is a pretty short range from SS

Static Remant
-leaves a copy of him sitting in a spot, only one at a time. when a character approaches, it attacks them

-After any spell SS casts, he gets the same overload as last game (it looks like at least). No longer based on how many attacks you do.

Ball Lightning
-can warp anywhere in the map, essentially a blink whose mana is dependent upon how much you want to spend. Much quicker cast time than his last ulti. Does damage depend on how far you blink.

Rikimaru +2.2 agility, down from 2.9
Bloodseeker’s Rupture cooldown reduced: 100 sec –> 70 sec
Silencer Curse of the Silent is now AoE
Drow’s Markmanship Agility Increased(12/24/36->15/30/45)
Demon Edge cost change (2600->2400)
Buriza recipe cost change (1000->1200)
Necrolyte now has HeartStopper Aura, instead of Diffusion Aura.
BloodSeeker base Str buffed (18->23)
Doom cooldown buffed(180/150/120 -> 160/130/100)
Kunkka’s GhostShip MS Bonus nerfed. (30% MS -> 15% MS)
Techies renamed to Squee spleen and spoon
Lion had his tint removed
Lion’s Projectile changed to a Ram’s head

DotA 6.58 Beta 34

Change on how Tombstone zombie goes out. When an enemy nearby, a zombie will come out and attack him.

DotA 6.58 Beta 38
-Heart of Tarrasque now gives 1% of your max HP per second instead of +15 HP/s.
-Avatar of Vengeance Terror skill has been replaced by Terror Wave, does the same thing except for that it is now in waveform instead of hitting everyone close to her.
-Color tint on Lion is back.

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