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Anub’seran, the Nerubian Weaver Guide by Atze-Peng

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

This guide was written by Atze-Peng, thanks!

Dota Allstars Anub'seran nerubian weaver

Authorcomment: This is my first guide for an DotA Hero. I really like Weaver and think, there isn’t a really good guide right now for him. That’s why i’m making this guide and hope this will be a good guide.
My english isn’t the best. If you find any mistakes, which will be really much, tell me them by sending a private message. If you post the mistakes in this thread, it’ll become unclearly for me and for other user to read the replys in this thread.

Anub’seran. The name of this creature strikes fear into all of those who have seen the Nerubians. Even the famed assassin Anub’arak is hesitant to fight this beast, which comes from the plane of the spirit world. He can swiftly walk through his enemies, bending their bodies to his will, causing pain while he strides through them. With his powers over the timeless plane, he can also step inside and throw himself into the past to keep himself from death. He can call an attack from the future to strike his foes, making his onslaught more deadly. Anub’seran. Only the fools do not fear his name.

Twilight Tavern, in the right centre. Hotkey is “W”.

Table of contents

1. Hero Overview
2. Pros and Cons
3. Hero Abilities
4. Skillorder
5. Itembuild
6. How to use your Abilities?
7. Strategy
8. Good Allies, Bad Enemys & Countertactics
9. Replays

1. Hero Overview

Atack Range is 425
Base Movespeed is 290
Base Strength is 15 + 1.5 per level
Base Agility is 14 + 2.5 per level
Base Intelligence is 15 + 1.8 per level
Base Damage is 41 – 51
Base HP is 435
Base Mana is 195
Base Armor is 1,0
Base HP Regen is 0.7
Base Mana Regen is 0.61
Base Attack Speed is 1.46 (+ 14% IAS)

2. Pros and Cons


  • Excellent survival mechanism. A well played Weaver is hard to kill.
  • Good spell for harassing
  • Good chaser
  • Observer Wards for free
  • Late gamer


  • Very fragile
  • Low Stat gain
  • Hard to master
  • Item Dependent


3. Hero Abilities

Watcher – Hotkey W
Raises an invisible Watcher from a corpse. Watcher does not have truesight, has 1 HP.Not magic immune.
Level 1 – 2 maximum.
Level 2 – 4 maximum.
Level 3 – 6 maximum.
Level 4 – 8 maximum.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 20/15/10/5
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