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Rylai Crestfall, The Crystal Maiden Guide by key_

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

This guide was written by key_, thanks!

By: key_
Updated for Dota: 6.54b
Artwork by: irving-zero (

Hi there, I’m key_ (aka strikes_) and this is my first guide. It will talk about the many aspects of Rylai, the Crystal Maiden.
I’ve chosen to write a Crystal Maiden guide because the only guide even close to being up to date is TheJoe’s guide… and since that’s like 10 versions out of date and no other guides have been made it’s about time there be one. That and I wanna try my hand at guide writing. This guide will mention different skill builds but focus on the recommended (cookie-cutter skill build) which will work for all levels of play.


I. A closer look at Rylai
II. Her skills
III. Skill builds
IV. Item Build
V. Other Mentionables
VI. Gameplay, General Tips and Spell Strategy
VII. Things to watch out for
VIII. Early Game
IX. Mid Game
X. Late Game
XI. Replays
XII. Conclusion

I. A Closer look at Rylai

Rylai Crestfall – The Crystal Maiden
Range: 600 | | Move Speed: 280 | Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 1.7 | Agi: 16 + 1.6 | Int: 21 + 2.9
Damage: 38 – 44 | HP: 454 | Mana: 273
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.85
Attack Speed: 1.43 (+ 16% IAS) | Armor: 1.2

Looking at her stats, she doesn’t have much to offer beyond her range does she? and good intel growth… but that’s about it. Why play Rylai? she has two strong single target spells and the classic OMGWTF TRIPLE KILL!! ultimate. Oh, and she’s fun to play tongue.gif Since her spells lose effectiveness (damage wise) later on, it is important to utilize those skills as much as possible earlier in the game.
Conclusion: She has pretty decent lane control and she is a very strong ganker. She should be trying to gank a lot.
II. Skills

Frost Nova (V)

Blasts a target enemy unit with ice while also damaging units in 200 AoE while slowing movement speed and attack speed by 40% for 4 seconds. Deals magic damage.
Level 1 – 50 target damage and 75 nova damage.
Level 2 – 100 target damage and 100 nova damage.
Level 3 – 125 target damage and 125 nova damage.
Level 4 – 175 target damage and 125 nova damage.
Mana Cost: 100/ 130/ 155/ 185
Cooldown: 11

This is a strong nuke with high mana cost, and relatively low cooldown. The target will take ‘target’ damage and ‘nova’ damage, units within the AoE take ‘nova’ damage and will also be slowed.
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