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Item Orb Effects Table

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Everybody know that orb effects are one of the keys for win in DotA Allstars. Here you can find you how to use orb effects with each other.

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DotA Allstars Orb Effects Table

Axe, the Mogul Kahn Guide by louie_law and Juggerz

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Thanks for creating this guide goes to louie_law and Juggerz.

Table of Contents

1 – Writer’s Foreword
2 – Axe’s Skills
3 – Pros and Cons
4 – Skill Build
5 – Core Items
6 – Strategy
7 – Tricks
8 – Good Allies and Bad Enemies
Writer’s Foreword

louie_law – To be honest axe is my favorite hero.His skills are awesome and I used to put battle items on him like battle fury and butterfly happy.gifV.Until I
knew his real item build and have been using it for a long time.So i decided to write a guide on axe.

Jiggerz – I loved axe ever since he was released.He is one of my favorite heroes in DotA Allstars.He is really easy to use and I decided to write a guide until I knew louie was gonna make a guide on axe too.So i decided to help him.

Axe’s Skills

Mogul Kahn – The Axe
Range: 100 | | Move Speed: 290 | Primary: STR
Str: 25 + 2.5 | Agi: 20 + 2.2 | Int: 14 + 1.6
Damage: 49 – 53 | HP: 625 | Mana: 182
HP Regen: 1 | Mana Regen: 0.57
Attack Speed: 1.36 (+ 20% IAS) | Armor: 1.8
Berserker’s Call (E)
Mogul Khan focuses all of his enemy’s hatred on him, causing them to attack him at all costs.
300 AOE.
Level 1 – Lasts 1.5 seconds, 5 bonus armor.
Level 2 – Lasts 2 seconds, 10 bonus armor.
Level 3 – Lasts 2.5 seconds, 15 bonus armor.
Level 4 – Lasts 3 seconds, 20 bonus armor.
Mana Cost: 80/ 90/ 100/ 110
Cooldown: 15
Battle Hunger ®
Afflicts a target with a terrible killing hunger. The target will take damage per second until it kills a unit.
Level 1 – 15 damage/second, lasts 10 seconds.
Level 2 – 15 damage/second, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 3 – 20 damage/second, lasts 20 seconds.
Level 4 – 25 damage/second, lasts 25 seconds.
Mana Cost: 75/85/95/105
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10
Counter Helix (X)
Mogul Kahn counters some blows made to him by taking the attacking unit and swinging it around violently, dealing damage to all nearby enemy units.
17% chance to counter throughout all levels.
Level 1: 100 damage.
Level 2: 125 damage.
Level 3: 150 damage.
Level 4: 175 damage
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Culling Blade ©
Purges the weak from Mogul Kahn’s sight. Deals moderate damage, but will kill a target that is low on life.
Level 1 – Deals 150 damage, will kill if target is below 300.
Level 2 – Deals 250 damage, will kill if target is below 450.
Level 3 – Deals 300 damage, will kill if target is below 625.
Mana Cost: 120/ 140/ 160
Cooldown: 75/65/55

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September Dust-Off World DotA Allstars Rankings

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

The new Dust-Off World Rankings is out with the closure of ESWC Grand Finals in San Jose recently. The purpose of Dust-Off World Rankings is to create a system to measure team performance over a long period of time. Teams that have competed in a live (LAN) tournament is given a ranking in the World Rankings.

Rankings look like follow:

Rank Team Roster Last Points
1st Internationa- MYM h4nni, merlini, mania, maelk, slahser, pusher, fear 2 (+1) 1150
2nd Sweden SK Akke, Loda, Bogdan, toMpa, hailo, minitito 1 (-1) 1050
3rd Singapore Zenith MUJI, MAG3, KING, TOFU new 1000
4th Internationa- EG Whisper, King, Remstar, hit0mi, Kaiser 3 (-1) 850
4th Malaysia Ks x|aOmA, papaxiong, xiaogui, SakuRa, Hyhy new 850
6th China EHOME -TPD- 10 (+4) 650
7th Russian Fede- VP -TPD- 4 (-3) 500
8th Russian Fede- (WG/VP) Axypa, dendi, jolie, Go[blin], Dendi, Puppey 5T (-3) 250
8th Romania TeG Bird, Rushmeplz, Freezer, s0ny, satelit, function 5T (-3) 250
8th New Zealand MCC -TPD- new 250


The ESWC Grand Finals has just concluded and what a spectacle it turned out to be. There were many surprises during the course of the tournament and what better time for an update to the rankings. This update we see the full power of the rankings at work as they have filled out with a good distribution of European, Asian, and American teams.

Zenith and Kingsurf storm the rankings putting them in a prime position to take over the top spots in the coming months. Meanwhile, MYM takes back the top spot after a poor showing by SK at the ESWC Grand Final. Finally, eHome takes hold of solid footing and MCC makes the cut after solid WCG Asia performances.

Events included in the rankings:

  • WCG Asia 2007 – C Event
  • Fire in Ice 2007 – B Event
  • ASUS Spring Cup 2008 – B Event
  • Dreamhack Summer 2008 – B event
  • ESWC Masters France 2008 – B Event
  • WCG Asia 2008 – B Event
  • WCG Asia 2008 – B Event

The purpose of the ranking system:

DotA is a developing e-sport and in its current form does not have a dedicated system to measure team performance over the long term. The Dust-Off World Rankings system is meant to fill this gap. The ranking is used to gauge the consistency of participating teams in their events and may be utilized in the future to seed events.

How the ranking system works:

All teams that compete in an approved live (i.e. LAN) gaming event will be ranked in the Dust-Off World Rankings. Points are awarded to a team for their final placing in an event.

Event Ranking Criteria

A Event: An international event including players from all three major regions (Americas, Asian/Pacific, and Europe) on par with a “World Championship” event (e.g. ESWC, WCG). Points awarded will be as follows: 1st 1000, 2nd 750, 3rd 500, 4th 250, 5/6th 100, 7/8th 50, 9th-16th 25 Points.

B Event: An event with international representation from two or three of the major regions, but limited participation due to worldwide format constraints or open registration (e.g. Fire & Ice, Dreamhack): 1st 500, 2nd 250, 3rd 100, 4th 50, 5th-8th 25.

C Event: An event with strong regional participation, but lack significant presence from outside regions. (e.g. ECG, Pan-Am Games, Pan-Asia Games): 1st 150, 2nd 75, 3rd 25.