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DotA Allstars 6.55 Leaked Beta 20 Changelog and Download

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Dota Allstars Loading Screen Next one beta version of DotA Allstars 6.55 came out. Beta 20 makes next map release much sooner.

Download DotA 6.55 Beta 20 Updated: Dota 6.55 Beta 30

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Beta 20 Changelogs:

Another New Hero!
Alleria the Windrunner
Click the link to see hero details and screenshots.

Layout Changes

  • Sent hero taverns now on bottom right
  • Fountain is farther away from tree
  • Waterfalls on left that you can walk into but has no effect
  • Scourge base not changed at all

Items Changes:

  • Crow doesn’t have mana upgrade=no more ward placing
  • The courier has the skill Drop items (drops all the items the courier is carrying)
  • Dagger is now not disabled by towers, neutral creeps, roshan, or his spells… looks like its only disabled if the source of the dmg is from an enemy hero.
  • Phase Boots – Boots of Speed + Chain mail + Blades of Attack (No recipe cost).
  • Before forming the item: +50 speed, +9 damage, +5 armor
  • After forming the item: +60 speed, +14 damage, +6 armor and the active ability Phase which gives a further 10% MS boost speed and the ability to move through other units (similar to Spectre’s phase dagger, i.e. 0 collision size) for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Mana cost: 0
  • So, on an average, you get +77 speed. More than Treads, less than Travels (but more than Travels when Phasing). The 0 collision size should be useful for chasers. Having to activate the ability every 10 seconds may get annoying. Also, Wind Walk-type spells removes the Phase buff. (You can still walk through units, as with any Wind Walk based ability, but you lose the 10% speed bonus from Phase.) Not sure if this is a bug or intended
  • Blades of Attack: 500 gold
  • Observer wards: Stock max=2 Replenish time: 6 minutes
  • Scroll of Town Portal has no cooldown when you buy it (you can buy as many as you like without having to wait to it to replenish in the stock)
  • When teleporting to a friendly tower (and only towers), it doesn’t get +99999 armor but it can attack AND you can choose where to teleport in a 300 range or so of the tower without having a unit/building as teleport target. (only scrolls work, not boots of travel):

Updates from previous Betas:

  • Poison Powder is no longer exist
  • Undying still tiny
  • Enigma’s ulti doesn’t have dark effect (as stated on earlier betas)
  • Ezalor’s recall: 40 seconds cooldown, and it stops when the target is damaged, if ezalor is attacked the recall is not interrupted
  • Coco’s Rum is now ulti, 60 cooldown, it gives 3/4/5 seconds of 100% 2x criticals and you don’t get any penalty (no more missed attacks) the next seconds.

Dota Allstars 6.55 (Beta): Alleria, the Windrunner Guide

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Alleria the Windrunner Guide, Dota 6.55 New Hero (Beta). I think this hero will be controversial one. Alleria’s ultimate turn her into a tornado, which is a completely flying unit, for several seconds. Flying unit means you can move over trees, hills and has complete sight over it. It means you cannot juke from her while she is using Windrunner. Both with Kunkka the Admiral Proudmoore, they are great additional heroes. And yeah, she is an Intelligence hero, lot of people mistake and assume her as Agility type. I think that’s because we’re seen her as Traxec ^-^

Alleria The WindrunnerAlleria The Windrunner

These are her skills.
1: Shackleshot – Always knocks back the target. If the target hits a group of units or a tree, the struck units (including the target) are stunned for 0/1/2/3 seconds. (700 unit cast distance)

2: Power Shot – Deals 100/200/280/360 damage to all enemies in straight line. The arrow has vision and knocks down trees in the process. (1200 unit cast distance)

3: Fight in the Shade – Each unit in the target AoE loses 15/20/25/30% of its maximum health after 1 second. (600 unit cast distance)

4: Windrunner (ultimate) – Hero morphs into a cyclone and gains 100% evasion and 55/80/105 increased ms for 10 seconds. The hero is effectively a flying unit, can see over trees, fly over them, etc. She can use all her skills while in this form.

She is very good at chasing and ganking. Her ultimate, Windrunner, is incredible for chasing and escaping from ganks. Being able to see and fly over trees means that it is impossible to juke her. Even without her ultimate, Shackle Shot and Power Shot make for great chasing abilities. Power Shot can be used to create shortcuts through trees to catch up with your target.’Fight in the shade’ is arguably her worst skill. The AoE is pathetic, and 25% max HP damage isn’t much considering the long cast time. A properly aimed Shackle Shot (to ensure the enemy hits other units or trees and gets stunned) is necessary to make full use of this skill. All in all, a fun hero. A bit lacking in damage, but makes up for it with interesting abilities. Thanks to redrach and Mr.Jag for this complete analysis of Alleria.

Alleria skills, Fight in the ShadeAlleria skills, Fight in the Shade.

WindrunnerAlleria skills, Windrunner. Before using it.

Alleria skills, WindrunnerAlleria skills, Windrunner. After using it. Watch the sudden increase of your sight.

Credits: MrJag, redrach, pluginbaby and all the contributor

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Complete Idiot’s Guide to Terrorblade, The Soul Keeper by kalorful

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

This guide was created by kalorful. Nice job, thank!


This is a guide on how to play Terrorblade as a jungle hero. Please, no spam about me not getting soulsteal earlier, because 1) You don’t need soulsteal to jungle and 2) This is a guide to JUNGLE terrorblade.

Analysis of recent changes
With the introduction of 6.52c, a number of changes happened which directly benefits Terrorblade.
1. The buffing of metamorphosis
2. The buffing of SnY
3. The nerfing of blink dagger.

What does this mean? It means that Terrorblade can now deal massive DPS and make himself useful earlier in the game with SnY, whilst his enemies must try a lot harder to escape the relentless beatdown from the FIREBALLS OF JUSTICE with blink dagger not being able to activate after damage.

Why is Terrorblade the most powerful carry?
Let us take a look at the list of the top 3 classic carries in the game which I deem to be Terorblade, Void, and Spectre.

Compared to the other two, Terrorblade’s main advantage is that he can jungle to avoid a crappy early game and farm as fast as a dual laner if not faster.

Terrorblade is also less prone to disables, due to the fact that he has 2 images up. Disable one, and you still got the other two laying a harsh serving of pain upon you.

Whats more, TB can also assume a ranged mode to deal out DPS. This avoids the disadvantages of melee DPS heroes such as being more prone to get hurt due to closer proximity to enemy, and getting blocked by other units from dealing damage to intended target.

He is also a lot better at taking down tower and raxes very quickly – the images rape.

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Dota Allstars 6.55 (Beta): New Hero Guide – Kunkka (Captain Coco), The Admiral Proudmoore.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Kunkka (Captain Coco) The Admiral Proudmoore Guide, Dota 6.55 New Hero (Beta). I love this hero, so much cooler than Goblin Clockwerk ^-^ With Alleria the Windrunner, they are both Sentinels new ammunition. This hero is Strength type and has some good skills to support his physical attack.

Kunkka the Admiral ProudmooreKunkka the Admiral Proudmoore

The most cool skill is his second one, ul
sing a ghostship to draw the enemies if they try to escape. His first skill when activated make you have splash damage. His third skill is mark the spot,marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, after a few seconds(not sure how many) the targetted hero moves back to the X mark. His ultimate gives 2x critical for several seconds, realy neat to kill a hero quickly.

Here is more explanation about his skills:
-First skill is TideBringer
1 second after tide bringer when activated, it will deal about 300 damage to units in a 220 radius. After damage is dealt, it gives Kunkka an extra 60 damage and an 100% cleaving attack which affects units for around 500 distance. However, this buff only lasts for 8-10 seconds or 5 hits (Like Ursa’s Overpower) Great for farming.

-Second skill is Ghost Ship
Slows enemies hit with the ship and draws them closer.

-Third skill is X Marks the Spot
Marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, after a few seconds(not sure how many) the targetted hero moves back to the X mark. Use this to make the blinker enemy cannot escape.

-Ultimate Captain’s Rum
When you cast the spell, the targeted ally hero gains 20% bonus ms and a high (100%?) chance to crit for 2x damage. This buff lasts for about 5 seconds. Use it to kill enemy, combined with Mask of Madness, i think this skills is really great.

Ghost Ship
Look at that ship!!! Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean :D

Credits: kiwon14, JBnev3rEnD, redrach, pluginbaby and all the contributors.

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Pure Ownage Razor, the Lightning Revenant Guide by GoLd3nRat1o

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

This guide’s author is GoLd3nRat1o. Thanks!

Dota Razor Art Image

Last Update on 25.02.2008


Hello everyone I am Gold3nRat1o aka [C]hewinggum aka lohyugui. I’m back for my 2nd try on writing a guide! This time
I’m writing a guide on razor with an introduction of Empty Bottle in my item build. Razor, the Lightning Revenant is quite an easy hero to play with and I hope all of you can have fun with this hero. This build will need you to have basic creep killing, denying and harassing skills. This build, if used effectively can make razor an all game hero, so read on to find out more!

.:Table Of Contents:.

1. Hero Overview
1a.Pros and Cons
2. Skill Descriptions
3. Skill Order
4. Reasons for Skills
5a. Item Build I
5b. Item Build II
6. General Gameplay Walkthrough
7. General Tips (for playing the hero or usage of skills)
8. Good allies/enemies
9. FAQs and Replays
10. Conclusion

.:1.Hero Overview:.

Razor is lightning incarnate. It is a living being, capable only of unleashing it’s tremendous electrical power to anything and everything nearby. The only indication of sentience from it is its ability to control its surges, which never seems to actually strike any it would call friend. Like its namesake, it cuts to the bone, with speed and accuracy, sometimes jumping from one thing to another. It’s unnatural form gives it speed, and a thirst for blood. It is a force to be reckoned with, and only the strong dare face it.

.:1a.Pros and Cons:.


  • Long range (550)
  • High dps with frenzy
  • Nice early game nuke
  • Ultimate which helps in farming a lot
  • Good farmer
  • High Movespeed with Unholy Fervor


  • Pretty fragile
  • No good escape mechanism
  • No disable

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