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DotA ai Download 6.54b ai Plus 1.52 Revision 01 Map Release

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Here is latest version of Dota ai maps – 6.54b ai Plus 1.52 Revision 01. You can free download it right here:

BuffMePlz’s desctiption of this version of Dota ai:
DotA Allstars 6.54b AI+ 1.52 Revision 01
This is a port of RGB’s AI+ v1.52 (originally written for DotA Allstars 6.48b).

It behaves the same as the original AI, and has only been updated to account for balance changes, new item recipes, and most new features. As such, some new content does not work fully with the AI yet.


Known bugs with AI:
-Pathing on the top Sentinel lane is still the same as in 6.48b
-AI don’t properly react to -nb, -nm and -nt modes
-Some exploits that should have been fixed are still in the game…just don’t use them. If you really want to cheat against AI, just use -test
-Lanaya may crash your game if you use her, depending on how lucky you are

Some commands have yet to be implemented properly:
-rd (the new one in 6.53, -rd is in the game but done the same way pre-6.53)

Additionally, I have added two Fun Taverns in the lower right corner. Currently includes nine legacy heroes (possibly more in the future): Old Invoker (6.12b), Old Lifestealer (6.48b), Old Silencer (6.12b), Gambler (6.06), Old Morphling (5.84b), Old Stealth Assassin (5.84b), Void Demon (3.0d), Rider (5.72), and God of Wind (6.01).

To access the fun taverns, type -fun within the first 15 seconds of the game.
Dota-Allstars 6.54b AIPlus 1.52 Map Revision 1 Changelogs:

Rev. 01
-First update to 6.54b
-Fixed the way AI Meepo purchases items with clones
-Fixed Last Word
-Fixed AI bots not learning Last Word (Silencer), Diffusion Aura (Necrolyte), or Command Aura (Vengeful Spirit)
-Fixed Impale affecting Juggernaut during Blade Fury or Omnislash
-Fixed hotkey conflict with learning Degen Aura on Void Demon
-Updated Phantom Lancer AI to properly use new Spirit Lance
-Updated Shadow Priest AI to properly use new Shallow Grave and Weave
-Changed behaviour of Mana Leak to not trigger on Invoker’s reagents (as in 6.53) and Bottle (as in 6.54b)
-Changed the way AI Syllabear purchases items with level 4 Spirit Bear
-AI bots will drop muted items when given items by players; in -pm, AI will be unable to receive items from players
-AI bots can now properly buy, use, and sell Bottles
-Changed the way Lucky Stars looks and behaves to better reflect how it did in 6.06
-Changed the scaling on Mass Haste for levelling so that it’s less…stupid
-Changed AI item builds for Viper, Priestess of the Moon, Queen of Pain, Nevermore, Vengeful Spirit, Troll, Dirge, Omniknight, Chaos Knight, and Morphling
-Restored Lanaya’s AI, because it doesn’t seem to make a difference on crashes
-Added warning message for when player or computer picks Lanaya; bots should not pick Lanaya unless through -ar or -tr
-Added new command -oldinvokelist, which replaces the Old Invoker spell list in the quest menu
-Separated the Fun Tavern into two separate ones for Remade heroes and Extinct heroes
-Added God of Wind (6.01) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)

DotA ai Download 6.53 ai Plus 1.52 Revision 07 Map Release

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Try new DotA ai 6.53 version. It is port from 6.48ai by BuffMePlz. Download link:

Description from readme file:

Words from the Maker (tada)
I decided to continue this until a decent dota ai map from another person
(aside from cloud_str) is created or if Cloud_Str truly comes back. Almost all
of my goals in this map has been achieved (i do not aim for a perfect ai, as i
know that it is tedious to do it, i mean i recieve no money from this).

Only my desire to help the community is the thing that keeps me going from
developing ai maps.

Please still do appreciate all ai maps that is released to the DotA community
(except for total rip-offs). Even though you are not having the challenge you
are expecting from the ai.

Take note that Warcraft III does not support an ai of some sort to these kinds
of games (only from ladder). Only the scripting language, JASS, is available,
but JASS is very limited and slow. Be happy that some people are still pouring
their time for this.

If you like this, Thank you. If not, then I cannot do anything from that. If
you are thinking that you can make a better ai than this, then go on and do it.
I encourage you to share some of your time for the DotA community.

DotA AI maps are very valuable due to one reason: practice. Playing with the ai
is a good way to get you start to DotA, then you go play with people to be
better. You can also test new combinations and heroes without people cursing you.

Map Status
This map is currently in beta status, if you want to help or create a dota ai
map, instead go to openai project ( This map will
not last long (i am becoming very busy) and i have plans to release it as open
source in the openai project (if they ever need or welcome it).

What can i expect in this map?
You can play against computers in this map. The AI does not play exactly the
same as what any normal human player would play. Right now, they cannot adopt
to new strategies. Some strategies that work with the AI does not work with
humans and vice versa.

This is not the kind of AI that will drop dead so easy. If you are thinking the
AI cheats due to higher exp and gold bonuses, well you have the superior human
brain, so its just even. You are not required to do a 1v5 insane or something.
There is the easy difficulty, and the “-ne” mode (See AI Modes for more info).

Playing with the AI can hone some basic skills you need in order to play well in
dota. You cannot be a pro or something just by playing this, playing with other
people to get experience is still the best way.

Average Player:
If you cannot play on the net or just want to have a leaver free game. Then this
map is perfect for you. You can also do things here that you cannot do with a
normal game like testing item builds and heroes (See Test Mode for more info).
If you want, then go on and try challenges in the map like 1v5 insane, or play
the map with a friend and own the ai (no leavers, so you can extend the game
until you have your ultimate item build or get 100 kills etc.).

You can also hone some of your skills here (like denying). Still, its better
playing against humans.

Nothing really. :D

AI Difficulty

15% bonus exp (35% w/ highexp)
no bonus gold (4 w/ highgold)
inconsistent/weaker AI

40% bonus exp (75% w/ highexp)
4 bonus gold (8 w/ highgold)

75% bonus exp (120% w/ highexp)
8 bonus gold (16 w/ highgold)
has innate warcraft engine bonuses (I have nothing to do w/ this)

There is 100 gold that is divided between ai teams, Normal gets x3 of that
and Insane gets x5 of it.

Why the extra difficulty and gold, isnt that cheating?
I just have to say it again, the AI is not on par with humans, HUMANS >>>> AI,
so the extra gold and exp is needed. If you want to remove the extra difficulty,
then input -ne to activate the normal exp mode. Right now there is no mode to
remove the gold bonuses.

AI Extras

This map has no INTENDED altering of any element in the Normal Game. This also
has no added cheat in screwing up human play when playing with the ai.

They bots have extra gold and exp gain. They can also buy any item from the
fountain. They have abnormal properties to buy tangoes/scrolls in the fountain
even if are short of gold (but never for free).

You can give the AI items but they cannot form recipes from it. (To prevent
abuses). They will pick up items dropped in the map as long as it’s owner is
an enemy or an ally that is far from the item.

They will drop all items owned by allies in the fountain and sell items by the

Each AI hero have 2 different(not totaly unique) item builds. They have some
sort of universal build in Death Match Mode. In Item Drop Mode, they drop a
duplicate of an item in their inventory in exchange of gold.

AI Modes

All towers and the ancient regenerates HP.

-highexp(-he), -highgold(-hg), -normexp(-ne)
Modifies the exp/gold gained by the AI players. For more info, see AI

Exp gained by AI players is normal at the start. They gain 15% bonus exp rate
each time they die and lose 15% bonus exp rate each time they kill. Maximum of
100% exp rate (which is 90% for now) and minimum of 0% bonus exp (which is the
normal exp rate)

Super creeps spawns every 2 minutes starting at the 4th minute. The first spawn
is a Scary fish. Hydra doesn’t spawn till the 20th minute onwards. There will
be 2 Super creeps spawned after the 40th minute. The super creeps are also
spawned on the same lane.

For all player numbers in the commands – 1-5 covers the sentinel players and
6-10 the scourge players (6 – pink player etc.).

AI Commands

Only the chosen players (notified by a message) can use the commands.

Type “-o”, “-c” or ” c” before any of these commands: (ex. “-oa”, “-ca”, ” ca”
are all legal)

Note: XX refers to player number (1,2,..,10), you can type more than 1 player
number using “,” (ex. “-oa 2,4,5″)

a or a XX:
AI attacks enemy base. This can be used to cancel sd. When you use this, the
bots are unable to attack neutral creep camps or defend for a while.

d or d XX:
AI defends the base.

sd XX:
AI stays to the base to defend. They will not end their defending when there
are no more intruders in base. Cancel it by ordering the bot to attack.

b XX:
AI backs a little.

f XX:
AI retreats to fountain.

p[l/m/r/n]: (ex. -cpm )
Tells all allied AI to push at left/mid/right whenever they have the chance to
push. Typing -pn causes the bots to attack to whatever lane they wish.

g[l/m/r] XX: (ex. -cgl 3,5 )
AI goes to a lane immediately. The AI will go to the back of where the allied
creeps in the lane are located.

t XX [target]: (ex. -ct 1,4 8)
Attack target’s location if it is visible.

flask, tango:
Have bots use Tango or Flask. Input valid only on 1st minute of game.

Turn neutral creeping on/off. This does not affect Chen.

Turn automatic lane changing on/off.

roshan, roshanXX:
AI attacks Roshan.

Show the command dialog. You can also just type a space to show the dialog.

Other Commands:

-pa(chooses ally), -pe(chooses enemy), -px(cancel choosing)
Only players who were notified can use this. With -pa/-pe you can “pick” for
the ai by clicking on the hero at a tavern. You can only use these commands
while you have not chosen a hero yet or before 1:10.

Use -px to stop choosing for the ai.

If you have not used -pa or -pe within 45 seconds, the bots will pick their
heroes and you may not be able to use -pa/-pe.

Shows the creepstats of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.

Shows the move speed of a Computer player. Any player can use this command.

All nearby ally casts a support spell to you, or an AOE spell if you’re
surounded by enemies, or attack an enemy hero near you. Any player can use
this command.

Test Mode

DotA’s -test has more commands in this version (-gold, -lvlup, -kill, -refresh,
-neutal, -powerup and -spawncreeps is available in the original version)

-gold #####, -goldall #####, -goldforXX #####
“-gold” gives the player who entered it #### (a number) gold. negative number
reduces the gold
ex. you entered “-gold 9000″, yur gold count should increase by 9000
“-goldall” affects all player and “-goldforXX” (XX is a player number, like 1)
affects a specific player.

-lvlup, -lvlupall, -lvlupforXX
“-lvlup” levels up the hero of the player who entered it by one
ex. you entered “-lvlup”, your hero’s level should go up by 1 (max is 25)
“-lvlupall” affects all heroes and “-lvlupforXX” (XX is a player number, like 1)
affects a specific player’s hero.

-kill, -kill XX
“-kill” kills the hero of the player who entered it, the hero killed himself
“-kill XX” (XX is a player number, like 1) affects a specific player’s hero.

-refresh, -refreshall
“-refresh” resets the cooldown and mana of the hero of the player that entered
“-refreshall” affects all heroes

spawns creeps for both sentinel and scourge, this process normally happens with
30 minute interval starting at the 90th second (or later depending on the mode)

respawns the powerups found in the river in the middle of the map

respawns all neutral creeps in empty creep camps

allows the player who entered it to use -repick again

makes the whole map visible, same as the cheat

-play ##
plays a sound effect
## is a number from 1-13:
1 – Killing Spree
2 – Dominating
3 – Monster Kill
4 – Unstoppable
5 – Wicked Sick
6 – Monster Kill
7 – Godlike
8 – Holy Shit
9 – Ownage
10 – Double Kill
11 – Triple Kill
12 – Animality
13 – First Blood

About AI

This AI is an unofficial one, however I did not alter any element in the game
(if you remove the AI, and not use the new modes). The AI can never replace

AI by RGB (aka lazy fiend). The basic AI is derived from Cloud_str’s “old”
6.27b AI version.

The first version of this type of ai sets a new level and dimension in ai
development, which could take long to attain if that map is not released. I am
proud of making a difference and helping this community.

Special Thanks:
-The best dota AI author ever
Mr. Bean
-Modified SC idea
Betatesters – Riot_of_blood, aaron_et_imf, deathzyte_hell etc.
DA/DP AI subforum
YOU! (o ayan masaya ka na? syempre para sa iyo ito)

Bradwarden, the Centaur Warchief Guide by Rhyno_Payne

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

This guide was written by Rhyno_Payne. Good job, pal!

Gifted with a tremendous body and an ever-growing fortitude, Bradwarden’s courage is only matched by the size of his heart. Prophesized as a savior by the oracles of his tribe, Bradwarden is the living token of the allegiance of the centaurs to the Sentinel. He swings his axe with massive force, sometimes even hurting himself when doing so. The ground trembles every time he slams his hoof and his reflexes are impossible to surpass; allowing him to retaliate just after being attacked. Bradwarden is decided to fulfill his destiny, and he knows that the upcoming battle will become his ultimate challenge.

(as of 6.49b)
The Centaur Warchief is a natural tank and should be played like one. In this guide I will discuss the proper Item builds for Centaur, Skill builds, the Centaur’s function in Dota Allstars, how to play him at all stages of the game, Advanced tactics with the Blink Dagger as well as your good allies and bad enemies.
Table of Contents:

  1. Hero Overview
    1. Pros and Cons
    2. Skills
    3. Skill Overview

  2. Skill Build
  3. Item Build
    1. Starting Items
    2. Core Items
    3. Mid Game Items
    4. Late Game Items
    5. Items to Consider
    6. Situational Items
    7. Other Items/Builds
    8. Items Not to Get

  4. Function
  5. Early Game Walkthrough
  6. Mid Game Walkthrough
  7. Late Game Walkthrough
  8. Advanced Strategy
  9. Good Allies
  10. Bad Enemies
  11. Conclusion

I. Hero Overview:

IPB Image

Affiliation: Sentinel – Light Tavern
Starting HP: 587
Base HP Regen: 0.94
Starting Mana: 195
Base Mana Regen: 0.61
Starting Armor: 3.1
Starting Base Damage: 55-57
Attack Range: 100(melee)
Movement Speed: 300

Strength: 23 + 2.6
Agility: 15 + 2.0
Intelligence: 15 + 1.6

A. Pros and Cons:


  1. A natural tank, one of the best in the game
  2. Giant damage output in a short time
  3. One of the most powerful nukes in the game
  4. Good Initiator
  5. Great Survivability


  1. No real presence in battle
  2. Melee hero
  3. Spells are hard to master
  4. Under average Intelligence

B. Skills:

IPB Image

Hoof S[t]omp

Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units.

Level 1 – 100 damage, 1.25 second stun.
Level 2 – 150 damage, 1.75 second stun.
Level 3 – 200 damage, 2.25 second stun.
Level 4 – 250 damage, 2.75 second stun.
Mana Cost: 85/100/115/130
Cooldown: 15 seconds. 300 AoE.

The Centaur’s bread and butter skill.

IPB Image

[D]ouble Edge

The Centaur summons a tremendous amount of inner strength and releases a very powerful attack. It can only be done at melee range, and it damages both the Warchief and the enemy unit.

Level 1 – Deals 175 damage.
Level 2 – Deals 250 damage.
Level 3 – Deals 325 damage.
Level 4 – Deals 400 damage.
Mana Cost: 75/90/105/120
Cooldown: 25 seconds.

As one of the highest damage nukes in the game, this spell comes with a price. The damage dealt to the enemy is also dealt to you

IPB Image


The Centaur Warchief immediately counters every attack against him with a swift strike.

Level 1 – Returns 12.5 damage.
Level 2 – Returns 25 damage.
Level 3 – Returns 37.5 damage.
Level 4 – Returns 50 damage.

With its recent change, Return now wreaks havoc to both melee and ranged units.

IPB Image

Great [F]ortitude

The Centaur Warchief’s mammoth body is capable of absorbing great amounts of punishment.

Level 1 – Adds +12 Strength.
Level 2 – Adds +24 Strength.
Level 3 – Adds +36 Strength.

Giving more strength than any singular item in the game, this is what makes you such an amazing tank.

C. Skill Overview:

Hoof Stomp: The Centaur’s bread and butter skill. A well placed Hoof Stomp can turn the tides in a battle. With an AoE of 300 units, it is only to be casted at melee range, and activates once selected. It can be used for farming (mid-late game), ganking, harassing and as an escape mechanism. When fighting against a hero at melee range, use this skill first, follow up with one or two attacks and use Double Edge to finish the combo. If your oponent seems to be trying to juke you, or runs away when you approach them, pull a mindgame (thanks totallnewbie!). Force them out of the experience range, or make your first couple of threats empty. By this I mean just attacking the enemy hero and not using spells. Wait for the enemy to commit to the fight, where he thinks running away will result in his death. Then combo him, if you will survive the Double Edge. In one on one situations, early-mid game, wait until the target is near half HP (you might be near half HP as well) and then use your combo. If you think you are going to die before this, by all means use your combo earlier, and possibly retreat. For heroes with escape tactics (blink and WW), use Hoof Stomp right away so they do not get a chance to escape or try to fake them into using their escape mechanism.
Double Edge: As one of the highest damage nukes in the game, this spell comes with a price. The damage dealt to the enemy is also dealt to you. A good thing about this ability if you know you are going to die and you are below 400 HP, you can use it on an enemy to kill yourself. Most of the time, Double Edge will be used at the end of Hoof Stomp’s stun duration or a bit sooner if you have Hoof Stomped a hero with an escape mechanism to ensure it hits. Since this spell deals a massive amount of damage to yourself, do not use Double Edge if you know you are in a losing battle for you need the HP to stay alive during your escape. If you think you can turn around and combo (Hoof Stomp+Double Edge) your chaser(s), then do so only if you think you can survive the ordeal.
Return: With its recent change, Return now wreaks havoc to both melee and ranged units. It can be used for farming (mid-late game) when you can tank an entire creep wave, and neutral creeping. It is also effective when being targeted or chased because your besiegers will take damage in the attempt to kill you.

Note that Return also deals double damage to Spirit Breaker, once he gets a skill point in Empowering Haste.

Great Fortitude: Giving more strength than any singular item in the game, this is what makes you such an amazing tank. At level 16, you earn a free 684 HP and 36 damage. This is a skill that should definitely be invested in whenever possible.
Note: Whenever in this guide I mention “your combo”, I am referring to Hoof Stomp + Double Edge.


II. Skill Build:

Level 1:

Hoof Stomp

Level 2:

Double Edge

Level 3:

Double Edge

Level 4:

Hoof Stomp

Level 5:

Double Edge

Level 6:

Great Fortitude

Level 7:

Double Edge

Level 8:

Hoof Stomp

Level 9:

Hoof Stomp
Level 10:


Level 11:

Great Fortitude

Level 12:


Level 13:


Level 14:


Level 15:


Level 16:

Great Fortitude

Level 17-25:


At level 1, there is always a possibly of a gank. Double Edge will not be of any use to you in this situation, so Hoof Stomp is the obvious choice. It can also land you a First Blood early, if your opponent is stupid enough. Additionally, if your team is the one ganking at level 1, Hoof Stomp is a great disable to help get the kill. Double Edge should be maxed first, because the damage increases between each level of Hoof Stomp is minimal, and the extra stun duration will not help you as much early as it will later due to your weak (and slow) early game attack. Great Fortitude is chosen whenever possible, because it increases your survivability, tank abilities, damage, and HP regeneration all in one. Added to these, the extra HP boost gives more flexibility with your Double Edge skill. Return is chosen after Hoof Stomp and Double Edge because- although it is a good skill early game, Hoof Stomp and Double Edge can not be replaced at this stage in the game. Stats should be selected before Return if you are having a tough time surviving, or if getting Stats first is your preference. Stats (minimally) increase every aspect of your hero, while Return’s function is purely offensive. Return is also chosen mid-game opposed to late-game, because it is an excellent farming tool for both enemy and neutral creeps.
III. Item Build:
A. Starting Items:

IPB Image Ring of Regeneration (375)
IPB Image Ironwood Branch (57)
IPB Image Ironwood Branch (57)
IPB Image Tango of Essification (90)

Total Inventory Cost = 579 gold
Note: If the game mode is non –em then you may not be able to afford both Ironwood Branches.
Note: Whenever the price of an item is in red, it means that you have already purchased this item

These items increase your survivability, and will allow you to remain in your lane for a long amount of time. Additionally, the Ring of Regeneration will be used for Hood of Defiance.
B. Core Items:

IPB Image Boots of Speed (500)
IPB Image Empty Bottle (700)
Stout Shield (300)

IPB Image Ring of Regeneration x2 (375 and 375) +  Planeswalker’s Cloak (650) +  Helm of Iron Will (950) =
IPB Image Hood of Defiance (2350)

Total Inventory Cost: = 3850 gold

Early game, nukers are your downfall, so Hood of Defiance and Bottle keep your HP at a safe level when laning against such enemies. Another reason for Bottle is to heal yourself after using your combo. Furthermore, Bottle is the ganking hero’s item, which you happen to be. I will explain your role as a ganker later in the guide. Stout shield increases your early game tanking, and should be bought whenever you have a spare 300 gold. I am not against buying more than one Stout Shield, but in the end, you really only need to have one. This will be used for Vanguard, which you can skip if the enemy doesn’t pose a threat physically. Additionally, the Ironwood Branches will be sold to either make room for other items, or as quick cash to purchase a situational item like Scroll of Teleportation. These will be explained later in this section.

C. Mid Game Items:

IPB Image Boots of Speed (500)

IPB Image Empty Bottle (700)

IPB Image Hood of Defiance (2350)
IPB Image Kelen’s Dagger of Escape (2150)

Stout Shield (300) + IPB Image Ring of Health (875) + IPB Image Vitality Booster (1100) =

IPB Image Vanguard (2275)

Total Inventory Cost = 7975 gold


Boots are self explanatory, but because of Blink Dagger, it is not necessary to upgrade this stage of the game. The Blink Dagger is probably the most versatile item in the game. It can be used for chasing, escaping/juking, initiating battle and retreating from battle, and most importantly, landing your Hoof Stomp. Since the AoE for Hoof Stomp is small, blinking directly in front of your target and then Hoof Stomp

ing immediately gives them no time to react, so your stun is almost guaranteed to hit. Always purchase Blink Dagger before Vanguard. This way, after testing out the Blink Dagger in the game situations, you will be able to decide whether or not to complete Vanguard.

Note: Kelen’s Dagger of Escape will always be referred to as Blink Dagger.
D. Late Game Items

IPB Image Boots of Speed (500) + IPB Image Recipe (2200) =

Boots of Travel (2700)

IPB Image Hood of Defiance (2350)

IPB Image Vanguard (2275)

IPB Image Kelen’s Dagger of Escape (2150)
Messerschmidt’s Reaver (3200) + IPB Image Vitality Booster (1100) + IPB Image Recipe (1200) =
IPB Image

Heart of Tarrasque (5500)

Total Inventory Cost = 14975 gold

Late game, Bottle is not as effective as any of your other core items, so it should be sold to make room for a better item, if the game drags on and on. The total cost of the first five of your final items is 14975. Boots of Travel is an obvious choice opposed to Power Treads, because of Map Control through teleportation, the extra Movement Speed, and the fact that the minimal strength boost and attack speed gain from Treads simply can not be valued as high as teleportation. Heart of Tarrasque is taken as your fifth item, as it gives 965 HP, 12.05 HP regeneration, and 35 damage. This increases your tanking ability the way no other item in the game can.

E. Items to Consider

You should notice that in your late game build only contains five items: Boots of Travel, Vanguard, Hood of Defiance, Blink Dagger and Heart of Tarrasque. This section is dedicated to you deciding on your sixth item, which varies depending on the game you are in. This will all be explained in this section. Your options inclue:

IPB Image OR  OR  OR IPB Image

For your last item, if no one on your team has bought a Radiance or Assault Cuirass yet, for the love of God, buy one of the two. Radiance should be bought if you want to be a carry hero late game, and radiance gives you a presence in battle because of the constant Radiance Damage Aura. (DO NOT buy radiance if someone on your team is already equipped with one.) Another pro of this item is the (8%) evasion it gives you, and the fact that the damage aura makes you a target, which is exactly what you want. I will explain that last part later. On the other hand, purchase the Assault Cuirass if your team does not have one. What the Cuirass brings that Radiance does not is attack speed and armor increases for allies and decreases for enemies. (DO NOT purchase Assault Cuirass if someone on your team is already equipped with one.) The Assault Cuirass is great for pushes, defending against pushes and team battles. Though Assault Cuirass does not give you a presence in battle, it does make you a target, for your enemies will do anything they can to get that annoying armor debuff off of them.

Note: If someone on your team already has an Assault Cuirass and you are constantly laning/pushing with them, I suggest purchasing Manta Style as your sixth item, because your ally’s auras will beef up your images without you having to spend a dime.

IPB Image AND IPB Image

The best part about your fifth item (Heart of Tarrasque) is that it buffs your images in every way it buffs you. Also, all of your stat bonuses – including Great Fortitude – work on your images. As an added bonus, before you complete your Manta Style, you have 10 purges, as part of Diffusal Blade. A purge is one of the easiest ways to land a Hoof Stomp, except for, perhaps, Blink Dagger. Additionally, it gives you an Orb Effect of Feedback, increasing your damage. Late game, your images will be very powerful with the added bonuses of HoT, and all your stat gains, definitely making it a good choice if you want to be an effective pusher.

Note: Do not complete your Manta Style until you have used every charge of Purge. Get a Diffusal Blade earlier if there is an enemy like Warlock that it greatly counters.
F. Situational Items

IPB Image Scroll of Town Portal – It is always smart to have one of these before your travel, so you can either teleport to defend or escape.

Note: Once you purchase Boots of Travel, there is no need for these anymore.

IPB Image Additional Stout Shield(s) – Increase your tank ability early game for a cheap price.

G. Other Items/Builds

IPB Image Bracer – Good survivability for a cheap price early.

IPB Image Satanic – Lifesteal and Strength is a good duo for any tank, although with this build for Centaur, it does not synergize well with the them. In essence, if you want Satanic, go for it, but a Heart would be much more worthwhile.

IPB Image The Butterfly – 30% evasion does wonders for your survivability and the armor Butterfly gives helps as well.

IPB Image Blade Mail – This DOES stack with Return so if melee heroes are giving you a hard time, get a few of these, and see the results.

H. Items Not to Get

IPB Image Sange and Yasha – The maim and agility are not useful because you are not a battle Centaur and the Strength gain is so little compared to the total price that it hardly even makes a difference.

IPB Image Black King Bar – You want the enemies to focus their spells on you and not your allies, but if you activate this, they will be forced to cast on your allies. Totally goes against the strategy (totallnewbie)

IPB Image Perseverance – I see Centaurs get this item early game and when I ask them why, they say because Perseverance gives them HP and mana regeneration quickly. Well, with this waste of money, you could almost afford a Blink Dagger or Vanguard. Unless you are aiming at building a Linken’s Sphere later in the game, this item by itself is overpriced, and the other items it is part of the recipe for, you do not need.

IPB Image
Battle Fury – You are not a battle Centaur, your attack damage is not what makes you a tank. Cleave does little with your pitiful IAS. Since your core item build gives you +0 attack damage, a cleave that only builds off of base damage would be very ineffective.

IPB Image Monkey King Bar – Does nothing to improve your role as a tank. The benefits to you are minimal for a large amount of gold.

IPB Image Lothar’s Edge – This trick might work once or twice, but after a while, your opponents will smarten up and get wards or a gem.

IV. Function:

The Centaur plays three vital roles, one for each stage of the game. From levels 1-7, your role is to stay alive, farm, and possibly gank once or twice. Centaur should not be a solo-er, because early game, if you really want to dominate your lane, you need a good nuker, preferably ranged, as your lane partner to help you get kills, harass enemy heroes, and survive. A good example is Vengeful Spirit, because she has a nuke/stun, which deals a large amount of damage, and provides enough stun time for you to get a successful Hoof Stomp off. This is just one example, and there are others that I will mention later.

When you are levels 7-9, you should have your Bottle and Boots. This is all you need to be a ganking Centaur, your second role. You should roam the map while communicating with your allies, setting up ganks, picking up runes on the way and getting loads of kills. If you allies are competent enough, almost every time you go for a gank, it should end up in a kill. Whenever you see a rune, and your Bottle charge is 2/3 or less, use the charges, and then store the rune. If your Bottle is full and you have full health, there is no point of using your bottle to store the rune, unless it is a rune you want to save. Basically, your early and middle roles interconnect into one thing: making money. You need gold to successfully become a tank to fulfill your last and most important role: the instigator.

This is where your Blink Dagger shines. Your late-game role is to instigate battles and take the damage for your team. With Return and your stacked defense (Hood of Defiance, Vanguard and Heart), you should be able to take most of the nukes that your enemies throw at you without dying. If you think you are going to die, blink out when you have less than 300 HP remaining, and let your allies finish the work. Hopefully the enemy team is almost all out nukes that were casted on you, and your team can prevail. Stay in the experience range if possible, Bottle up, or pull mindgames if you wish. I am not going to lie; you will die many times using this strategy. However, if your team wins the majority of the battles, it is worth you dying.

V. Early Game Walkthrough:

Since the Centaur Warchief does have natural tankage until level 6, you need to play conservatively and stay generally close to your ranged creep. You should move constantly either to score a last hit or deny and to avoid being harassed. If a ranged hero such as Queen of Pain (with no Orb Walking skill) is harassing you, you can move back from your ranged creep and your creeps will attack her if she targets you. In essence, if you against a ranged hero with an Orb Walking skill (like Drow Ranger), then you might want to call for a lane swap or gank. Early game, any Orb Walker can successfully harass you and if you move up to Hoof Stomp them, they will likely run out of the AoE of Hoof Stomp and turn back after you miss it. This strategy for early game should only be used if you are against one or two ranged heroes or one Orb Walking ranged hero.

This conservative style of play will most likely keep you alive against any of these heroes but if you are laned against one or two melee heroes, you do not have to play as conservatively. There is no melee hero capable of Orb Walking, so if they decide to attack you, your creeps will defend you. Also, when fighting at melee range, you almost always have the advantage because of your two powerful melee spells. If there are two melee enemy heroes trying to harass you, don’t let them. When they are both in range, cast Hoof Stomp and your creeps should be pounding on them, because they targeted you with an attack. Next, Double Edge the weaker one (if your HP can support it safely), and you will likely land a kill.

Note: Make sure the two spells will be powerful enough to kill your enemy while keeping you alive. If your enemies are at full health, it is smart to Hoof Stomp. Do not Double Edge if you know it will not kill them, because although you will probably get that hero to heal, the other one will have an easy time pounding on you due to the damage you are receiving from Double Edge.

However, if you are facing two melee heroes, and the one you wish to kill (the weaker one) happens to be a hero with an escape Mechanism such as Anti Mage, adjust your combo slightly. Make sure you Double Edge near the middle of the Hoof Stomp stun duration so there is no chance of him blinking away before Double Edge hits.
Note: If your melee enemies are weak, but you miss your Hoof Stomp, and they are retreating to their tower, do not chase them. It will only result in your death. Even if you are lucky enough to get Double Edge off and kill the enemy hero, the remaining hero and tower will surely kill you if you do not kill yourself with Double Edge. If the enemies are not weak, and you miss your Hoof Stomp, do not consider giving chase; return to creeping.

If you are facing one melee hero, this is your time to shine. There is no single melee hero that can take you early game, except Axe with Stout Shields. You can even harass the enemy hero and force him away from experience range. Most of the time you do not need to Hoof Stomp to harass the enemy unless you want to score a kill or make him heal.
Note: These strategies are in the case that you are soloing, which you should rarely be. The dynamics of your strategy for each situation are completely different when laning with an ally hero. It depends on who your ally is, so I will leave it up to you to decide when you should play conservatively with a partner and when you should not.


VI. Mid Game Walkthrough:

Right now, you are hopefully around level 9 and you have a Bottle, Boots, a Stout Shield and some of your Hood of Defiance components. This is when you become a ganking Centaur. Your Bottle as well as who your ganking with plays a huge role in the ganking process. If you ever find a rune and your Bottle is 2/3 full or less, than use the remaining charges and store the rune in it. When you are ganking, it is always helpful to have a stored rune so whenever you store a rune, make sure it is used for a gank.

If you find an Illusion rune, send it back to your lane and make your real Centaur go to the lane you want to gank. Your enemies will not call you missing if you make the illusion seem like a real player, so the enemies you are ganking will not be as cautious.
Addtionally, you can use it to get rid of Fog of War in necessary places, so you can blink to those areas in the future. (totallnewbie)

If you get a Double Damage rune, it is smart to attack more after landing your Hoof Stomp, and thenDouble Edge.

If you find an Invisibility rune, you should usually store i in your Bottle, unless you are being chased and need it immediately. Your enemy will probably call you missing, but if your enemies can not see you, they will not be cautious until they do. By the time they are cautious, you- and one or two allies are already pounding on one or two heroes that are stunned by Hoof Stomp.

If you find a Haste rune it is your lucky day. Other than Diffusal Blade, Blink Dagger, and at times Invisibility runes, there is no better way to land your Hoof Stomp. Also, with Haste, you do not have to worry about the Double Edge casting range, because you move so fast it does not play a factor. By now you should be somewhat of a tank, so you should be able to tank the enemy tower if need be for the time it takes to kill your enemy. Haste allows for a quick escape afterwards.

Regeneration is a very helpful rune when you are ganking. If you are missing a large portion of either your health or mana, I suggest picking up the rune when you first see it, and then going in.

Note: If your Bottle is full, and your health and mana are full or near full, do not use the Bottle charges and then store the rune. Instead, just pick the rune up, or wait for enemies to come into sight, and then do so.

When ganking, usually (unless you find a rune) it is not smart to gank alone. Either arrange a gank with the allied hero(es) that are in the lane you want to gank, or with any hero that synchronizes well with you. I will mention these heroes later in the guide.
Note: If there are no enemy heroes in your sight, just farm until one enemy reveals themselves. If this is the case, you might want to check Roshan. Also, if none of your allies are available for a gank, then you should stay in your lane creeping and perhaps killing enemies in your lane


VII. Late Game Walkthrough:

By now you should have your Vanguard, Hood of Defiance, Blink Dagger, Boots of Travel, Bottle, and a Heart of Tarrasque. This means you are able to fulfill your final role as the initiator. If your team contains fragile heroes (except you, of course!), and even if it doesn’t for that matter, you should initiate every team battle. This means that you will take the majority of the damage for your team. To become a target (which we want to happen), you can either run in first, buy a Radiance (which gives you a presence in battle), buy an Assault Cuirass, split with your Manta Style or, if you’ve been owning all game, they will probably want you dead first anyways. In any case, you want all of the enemies’ spells and attacks for the early portion of team battles to be directed at you. Since you are equipped with Hood of Defiance and Vanguard, you are able to handle most of what your enemies can throw at you. In reality, you go in about one second before the rest of your team does. This will make the enemy team sense a free kill before the main battle has started, but you are actually the bait.

Note: If the enemy team has many disables, it is not wise to run in too early, or you may never have a time to use your Blink Dagger to escape.

You want the enemy team to use their entire arsenal of skills on you so you, instead of your teammates, take most of the damage. Again, I won’t lie; this will get you killed at times, before you master it. The trick is to evaluate the other team’s heroes, skills, and items, to see what they are capable of doing. If they have a few Guinsoo’s, for example, you should plan your escape earlier. While you are taking all the damage, your team should be ripping theirs to shreds. If you have a chance, when you see your remaining HP at around 700, you should use your Blink Dagger, to escape. Usually in the team battles, all you do is land a successful Hoof Stomp, a Double Edge (if you think you can get it off and still survive), a couple attacks, and most important, taking all the nukes and damage for your team. If your enemy team is full of disables, and you die taking all the damage, it is what it is. It is better that you took all the damage and died, than it be spread amongst the rest of your team. This way you can adjust your strategy for the next team battle, to plan an earlier escape, or enter battle a little later. Hopefully (and most of the time) the enemy team simply does not have enough stuns and nukes to take you down before you can blink away. If they know you are going to blink out and throw every spell they have at you, hopefully they will overkill you, and be defenseless against your teammates. You died, but so did most of the enemy team.
Note: You should never blink into a team battle. You will need this item to escape from them.

VIII. Advanced Strategy:

This section will be dedicated to the use of Blink Dagger on Centaur. The two most important uses of Blink Dagger on Centaur are to help land your Hoof Stomp and escape. If you are trying to escape, do not blink in the pathway that you are running. Blink somewhere your enemies will not expect you to, successfully juking them. If you want to blink right in front of someone and Hoof Stomp, it is not wise to just run at them and blink. When they see you running at them, it will put them on their guard and chances are they will move around to juke you. You should blink from the fog of war (behind trees, cliffs, over rivers etc.), anywhere that they cannot see you, so when you appear they will not have enough time to react as to get out of Hoof Stomp’s stun AoE. This followed up with a Double Edge will land you some kills against heroes lacking remaining HP. When you have to blink away, after taking damage for your team, blink out of the enemies sight range (fog of war), and not behind your allies. If you only have 500 HP remaining and you blink behind your allies, but not into the fog of war, your enemies could much more easily chase you down and finish the job. Of course, this will mean your enemies will take damage getting to you, so I will let you decide when it is appropriate to blink away from the enemies into the fog of war, or behind your allies to pull mind games (Read totalnewbie’s guide to Mindgames).


IX. Good Allies:

Select Target Stunners

IPB Image

Select Target Stunners can place a high damage nuke on an enemy and give you enough time to land your Hoof Stomp. It is definitely smart to lane with one of these heroes.

Disablers and Hexers

IPB Image

IPB Image These are the best kind of allies, because they are nukers, Hexers and damage dealers in one. This is the number one choice for a lane partner for Centaur. A special mention for Rhasta is that when Rhasta casts Shackles on an enemy hero, do not Hoof Stomp until the duration of the disable is over. Simply attack the disabled hero instead. For any hero with Hex, attack the critter once or twice and then run in front of its path and use your combo.

High Damage Nukers

IPB Image

IPB Image High Damage Nukers are very effective at weakening enemy heroes. When a hero gets weaker, they become more vulnerable to your combo. This will also make the enemy more cautious so make sure to Hoof Stomp before your ally starts nuking. When Hoof Stomp is combined with the nukes these heroes possess and your Double Edge on the stunned hero, there is no chance the enemy will escape (even with blink or WW).


IPB Image

IPB Image Each one of these heroes has a unique heal and gets a unique mention in my guide. Firstly, Omniknight’s Repel lets you take all the damage for your team minus the magical damage. Omniknight’s Guardian Angel and Purification is everything that a tank like you needs to survive the other team’s onslaught. Additionally, Omniknight’s Repel skill synergizes perfectly with you, because when you under the effect of Repel, you do not receive Damage when you Double Edge an enemy. Huskar’s heal is based on your base attribute, so since your Strength is so high, this healing spell is perfect for you. Warlock’s heal is a set number over time which is also very helpful to stay in a lane.


IPB Image

IPB Image Heroes that slow enemy heroes are very helpful to you when trying to land a Hoof Stomp. The slows also help you get into the casting range that Double Edge requires. Slows also assist in stalling an enemy hero to cover your escape in team battles.

Special Mentions

IPB Image Enigma gets a special mention because of his perfect synergy with you. Though he is not my first choice as a lane partner, Malefice, Hoof Stomp, Midnight Pulse, Black Hole and Double Edge in that order can kill almost any two heroes at one time. Personally, this combination has never failed me before.

IPB Image Everything Rooftrellen does is beneficial to you. A free Plate Mail and a free RoR is a perfect combination to put on a tank. If he Nature Guise’s you, you can easily land a combo on an enemy as they can not react to what they can not see. Overgrowth is a great combo with Hoof Stomp and Double Edge, as it holds enemies in one place.
Note: Let him initiate combat with his ultimate (Overgrowth), and right when his ultimate is finished, follow by a Hoof Stomp and Double Edge. This should be enough to kill a single hero, and possibly more than one.

IPB Image Crystal Maiden gets a special mention because the combination of Frostbite, Frost Nova, Hoof Stomp, Double Edge and Freezing Field in that order is almost a sure way to get multiple kills. Her Frostbite makes it extremely easy to land Hoof Stomp; her Brilliance Aura is now global, solving most of your mana problems no matter where she is when she is alive. She also has a very powerful nuke/slow, which helps to land Hoof Stomp as well.

-———————————————————- X. Bad Enemies:

IPB Image Necrolyte – The anti-tank. No matter how much health or magic resistance you pile up, once you are under half health, a single click and you are dead at level 16. He can completely ruin your strategy late game. Gank him as much as possible before this stage to keep his level and money low.

IPB Image Terrorblade – It is good for us that his Sunder is based on percentages of HP. However, even if he’s at 1/3 of his HP and you are at full HP (3000 for example), if he gets the Sunder off, you have just lost 2000 HP. If you ever see a Terrorblade with a Necrolyte on the same enemy team, do not pick Centaur. Those two together are the anti-tank SWAT team. Luckily, his Sunder needs to be casted at melee range, so hopefully you can combo and kill him before he can Sunder you.

IPB Image Doom Bringer – Doom literally brings you your Doom on a silver platter. Usually your strategy is to take all the damage and blink out of a team battle. However, if you are unable to use spells- or items due to his ultimate, you do not have this option. When you are Doomed in a team battle, and know you are going to die, do not try to run away, unless there is an allied healer nearby. Instead, use your attack to inflict as much damage as possibly for the remainder of your life for the good of the team.

Chen – Not only does he have a spell that makes you take extra damage and lowers your MS, but if he is a good micro-er, his converted creeps will stun you constantly. His Hand of God is no joke either.
Note: Other heroes like Nai’x and Slardar, who also have damage amplification spells, can also be your downfall.

IPB Image Troll Warlord – You may be a tank, but that doesn’t matter when you are permanently stunned. You will survive longer than most heroes, but, when alone against heroes like Troll that perma-bash, you will be owned. If against perma-basher(s), I suggest getting Blade Mails as they stack with Return.
Note: Troll is not the only perma-basher. Others include Faceless Void, Slardar, Spirit Breaker or any high DPS melee hero with Cranium Bashers. Troll is just the one I hate the most.

IPB Image Slardar – He takes away what makes you a tank (Amplify Damage), and he can easily become a perma-basher. If he is smart, you will always be under the effect of Amplify Damage. This means your enemies won’t fall for a gank (during the spell duration) and your tanking abilities are severely reduced.

IPB Image Tormented Soul – Your combo involves you wanting to be as close to the enemy as possible. The problem with this guy is that’s exactly where he wants you! His Pulse Nova will quickly destroy you if he has decent HP and Mana pools. In the end, if he has met these requirements, his combo will usually beat yours. Try to organize as many ganks on him as possible, as he will be hard for you to take down alone.

Bane Elemental – I have once been against a Bane Elemental, Tormented Soul, Troll Warlord, and Doom in one game. Having Doom’s ultimate on me, while being perma-bashed by Troll and being damaged by Pulse Nova was one thing. Fiend’s Grip is worse than any aspect of any one of those heroes. You cannot do anything except watch as your health is draining quickly, and Bane’s allies are ripping you to shreds. Ultimately, this hero needs to be ganked at all stages of the game, so he can not become a major threat late game. If you are laned against Bane, get a lane swap if possible.

Note: Heroes that have spells that provide temporary spell immunity such as Nai’x (Rage) and Omniknight (Repel), as well as heroes with a Black King Bar, are effective counters to this build for Centaur, as, for the time they are spell immune, you must rely only on your attack to damage them. Since this build does little until late game to improve your attack damage and speed, spell immune heroes can be a pain for you. -———————————————————- XI. Conclusion:

There are a variety of ways to play Centaur Warchief and it is up to you to decide which way suits you best. I can not tell you what to do in every single situation you will find yourself in, but I will tell you one thing: you are a tank, and that means, you should not do things like buying Sange and Yasha or Lothar’s Edge. You are not a DPS hero, so unless you are getting an Assault Cuirass, do not buy any item for its IAS increase. There are always exceptions to builds, and my greatest one can by getting Hood of Defiance. While it has seemed to help me in every game I played, it is not required to get if the enemy team only contains two or less casters. However, almost every hero produces some sort of spell damage, so the Hood is becoming more useful. No matter what build you go with Centaur, I will always suggest Blink Dagger.

Thank you for reading my guide smile.gif

6.50 UPDATE: Ok, now I know there has been some new changes, but I still recomend blink dagger. It is still a viable item on certain heroes, and Centaur is one of them. Instead now 90% of the time you will be blinking in, not blinking out. So now I suggest you use your blink right away to use your stun, to hell with the consequences! I really dont have the time in my life right now to completely change around the guide, so ill make the main changes in this paragraph. GET BLINK DAGGER. I dont care about the nerf, still get it. I kind of have a new build, IT STILL RECOMEND THE OLD BUILD, BUT I PERSONALLY USE THIS ONE 80% MORE THAN THE ONE IN MY GUIDE. (LOL) In theory, my old build may seem better (I know youre screaming at me) but I have a NEW build that I just cant stop. Jungle centaur. Return/Hoof Stomp (Leveling Return first) and getting your Ultimate of course! Whenever I jungle with cent (80 percent usually) I get 2 stouts at the beggining, then i farm a relic, finish rad. I then get boots, then dagger, then finish my Travels. Then i get manta style. IMO, this is the BEST Jungle centaur build possible. If your a lane Centaur, I would probably recomend the old build, but this build would work with Lane Centaur (im guessing, havent tried yet.) If you dont know, jungling is when you kill neutral for the first half of the game (roughly.) If you are a noob, try my new strategy on single player, or with AI’s! Ive heard a lot of chit chat about Shivas PWNING on centaur, and I would recomend Shivas for lane centaur. For jungle Centaur, all the gameplay turns around, and now instead of the tank, your the carry. I HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT ONLY PROS TRY MY JUNGLE CENTAUR STRATEGY. I will not bother explain the roles of carry Centaur, cause I hope only the pros who know what this is try Jungle Centaur. Dont get me wrong, anyone can try it, but in high level games, I wouldnt try Jungle Centaur unless I REALLY knew what I was doing. (If I was you.)

Yes its true, Jungle Centaur is a carry. After your done Manta, Rad, Blink, and Bot’s get a heart. After all’s said is done, you’ll have Lane Centaur, you’ll have Jungle Centaur, and you can choose which one you like better. Try jungling in a pub (NOT EM!!!) And see how it works for you. FROM THE NEW VERSION, I would have to recomend as an early game alternative to blink dagger (if you hate it THAT much) would be euls. Solving all his mana problems, gives him much needed MS, and infinite cyclones for an easy way to land a Hoof Stomp IS very appealing. I havent tried it yet, but I would imagine it the best alternative to blink dagger, if it is really that disliked.