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Heroes of Newerth Open Beta. Time Limited.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Many of you wanted to get beta accounts for new Dota-like game Heroes of Newerth. Today, 10 minutes ago S2Games has open beta registration for all! But be faster – you have only 24 hours to register. And there’s also one condition, you must be registered in Facebook and be fan of HoN club. Then you can go to and there you will be able to create your own beta account. But you must follow this link from facebook page directly, it’s requirement of S2Games, authors of HoN. Have fun.

DotA Allstars 6.55b is Out! Download It.

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Shortly after releasing DotA 6.55 IceFrog upgrade map to 6.55b to fix some bug with Roshan.

Download Links:

DotA 6.55b Changelog:

* Fixed a critical error bug with Roshan as well as lots of other misc issues

DotA Allstars 6.55 Map Official Released! Read Changelog and Download

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Discuss this post at forums here.

Finally it has happened! IceFrog released long-awaited Dota 6.55. It has really long changelog :) Now we have two absolutely new heroes, Kunkka and Alleria and one hero was seriously reworked. Four new items also makes us happy. And the last serious change is new loading screen. I think it’s nice. By the way, in the right bottom corner of new loading screen we can see why one of the new Heroes has name Kunkka :)

Dota Download links:


(click to enlarge image)
Dota Allstars 6.55 Loading Screen

DotA 6.55 Official Changelog:

* Added a new hero (Windrunner)
* Added a new hero (Admiral Proudmoore)
* Added a new item (Magic Stick,239688)
* Added a new item (Dust of Appearance)
* Added a new item (Phase Boots)
* Added a new item (Glyph of Fortification)

* New Loading Screen
* Redesigned and improved Sentinel and Scourge bases as well as nearby terrain
* Added a new game mode (-captainsmode/-cm)
* Rewrote creep/neutral/powerup spawn systems. The game timer now counts down to 0, at which point the creeps and powerups spawn. 30 seconds later the neutrals spawn. This behavior is the same as various popular modes, but it is now standardized to the entire game with the new clock. All game events are based off of this time rather than an arbitrary time based on the mode you used.
* Lots of various performance improvements and fixes

* Reworked Keeper of the Light
* Various changes to Enchantress’s abilities
* Reworked Bounty Hunter’s Track
* Rebalanced Insatiable Hunger
* Reduced vision aoe on Spin Webs and tweaked cooldown and manacost progression
* Minor improvements to Anti-Mage’s base stats
* Tweaked Blur evasion chance per level
* Reworked Call of the Wild stats and mechanics
* Decreased Watcher’s vision a little bit
* Increased Rhasta’s movement speed a bit
* Improved Crystal Maiden’s Brilliance Aura a bit
* Minor improvement to early levels of Bloodbath
* Increased Spirit Lance cast range a bit
* Improved Sven’s Agility gain
* Increased Sand King’s armor a bit
* Changed SA’s Blink Strike to move him behind the target(231470)
* Lowered Chaos Meteor cooldown from 70 to 55
* Rebalanced Haunt cooldown (150/120/90 -> 120)
* Improved how the manacost scales on Crippling Fear
* Improved level 2 and 3 manacost and regen on Death Pact
* Improved Psionic Trap’s cooldown progression
* Nerfed the duration on Battery Assault
* Increased Hookshot cooldown
* Quill Spray manacost no longer goes up per level
* Decreased day vision on Visage’s Revenants by 400
* Removed magic immunity from level 3 Revenants and added improved magic resistance
* Improved movement speed of the ghosts on Exorcism a bit
* Undid previous damage return threshold change on Exorcism
* Increased Death Prophet’s base strength a bit
* Added an extra arrow to Medusa’s Split Shot
* Rescaled Medusa’s Purge cooldown from 12/11/10 to 12/10/8 seconds
* Reduced Chronosphere cooldown
* Ravage AOE decreased for level 1 and 2
* Decreased Guardian Angel AOE and duration a bit
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September Dust-Off World DotA Allstars Rankings

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

The new Dust-Off World Rankings is out with the closure of ESWC Grand Finals in San Jose recently. The purpose of Dust-Off World Rankings is to create a system to measure team performance over a long period of time. Teams that have competed in a live (LAN) tournament is given a ranking in the World Rankings.

Rankings look like follow:

Rank Team Roster Last Points
1st Internationa- MYM h4nni, merlini, mania, maelk, slahser, pusher, fear 2 (+1) 1150
2nd Sweden SK Akke, Loda, Bogdan, toMpa, hailo, minitito 1 (-1) 1050
3rd Singapore Zenith MUJI, MAG3, KING, TOFU new 1000
4th Internationa- EG Whisper, King, Remstar, hit0mi, Kaiser 3 (-1) 850
4th Malaysia Ks x|aOmA, papaxiong, xiaogui, SakuRa, Hyhy new 850
6th China EHOME -TPD- 10 (+4) 650
7th Russian Fede- VP -TPD- 4 (-3) 500
8th Russian Fede- (WG/VP) Axypa, dendi, jolie, Go[blin], Dendi, Puppey 5T (-3) 250
8th Romania TeG Bird, Rushmeplz, Freezer, s0ny, satelit, function 5T (-3) 250
8th New Zealand MCC -TPD- new 250


The ESWC Grand Finals has just concluded and what a spectacle it turned out to be. There were many surprises during the course of the tournament and what better time for an update to the rankings. This update we see the full power of the rankings at work as they have filled out with a good distribution of European, Asian, and American teams.

Zenith and Kingsurf storm the rankings putting them in a prime position to take over the top spots in the coming months. Meanwhile, MYM takes back the top spot after a poor showing by SK at the ESWC Grand Final. Finally, eHome takes hold of solid footing and MCC makes the cut after solid WCG Asia performances.

Events included in the rankings:

  • WCG Asia 2007 – C Event
  • Fire in Ice 2007 – B Event
  • ASUS Spring Cup 2008 – B Event
  • Dreamhack Summer 2008 – B event
  • ESWC Masters France 2008 – B Event
  • WCG Asia 2008 – B Event
  • WCG Asia 2008 – B Event

The purpose of the ranking system:

DotA is a developing e-sport and in its current form does not have a dedicated system to measure team performance over the long term. The Dust-Off World Rankings system is meant to fill this gap. The ranking is used to gauge the consistency of participating teams in their events and may be utilized in the future to seed events.

How the ranking system works:

All teams that compete in an approved live (i.e. LAN) gaming event will be ranked in the Dust-Off World Rankings. Points are awarded to a team for their final placing in an event.

Event Ranking Criteria

A Event: An international event including players from all three major regions (Americas, Asian/Pacific, and Europe) on par with a “World Championship” event (e.g. ESWC, WCG). Points awarded will be as follows: 1st 1000, 2nd 750, 3rd 500, 4th 250, 5/6th 100, 7/8th 50, 9th-16th 25 Points.

B Event: An event with international representation from two or three of the major regions, but limited participation due to worldwide format constraints or open registration (e.g. Fire & Ice, Dreamhack): 1st 500, 2nd 250, 3rd 100, 4th 50, 5th-8th 25.

C Event: An event with strong regional participation, but lack significant presence from outside regions. (e.g. ECG, Pan-Am Games, Pan-Asia Games): 1st 150, 2nd 75, 3rd 25.

Dota Allstars 6.55 (Beta): New Hero Guide – Kunkka (Captain Coco), The Admiral Proudmoore.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Kunkka (Captain Coco) The Admiral Proudmoore Guide, Dota 6.55 New Hero (Beta). I love this hero, so much cooler than Goblin Clockwerk ^-^ With Alleria the Windrunner, they are both Sentinels new ammunition. This hero is Strength type and has some good skills to support his physical attack.

Kunkka the Admiral ProudmooreKunkka the Admiral Proudmoore

The most cool skill is his second one, ul
sing a ghostship to draw the enemies if they try to escape. His first skill when activated make you have splash damage. His third skill is mark the spot,marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, after a few seconds(not sure how many) the targetted hero moves back to the X mark. His ultimate gives 2x critical for several seconds, realy neat to kill a hero quickly.

Here is more explanation about his skills:
-First skill is TideBringer
1 second after tide bringer when activated, it will deal about 300 damage to units in a 220 radius. After damage is dealt, it gives Kunkka an extra 60 damage and an 100% cleaving attack which affects units for around 500 distance. However, this buff only lasts for 8-10 seconds or 5 hits (Like Ursa’s Overpower) Great for farming.

-Second skill is Ghost Ship
Slows enemies hit with the ship and draws them closer.

-Third skill is X Marks the Spot
Marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, after a few seconds(not sure how many) the targetted hero moves back to the X mark. Use this to make the blinker enemy cannot escape.

-Ultimate Captain’s Rum
When you cast the spell, the targeted ally hero gains 20% bonus ms and a high (100%?) chance to crit for 2x damage. This buff lasts for about 5 seconds. Use it to kill enemy, combined with Mask of Madness, i think this skills is really great.

Ghost Ship
Look at that ship!!! Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean :D

Credits: kiwon14, JBnev3rEnD, redrach, pluginbaby and all the contributors.

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